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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

PUBLIC LAW 96-294—JUNE 30, 1980

94 STAT. 645

subject to the limitations of subtitle E, undertake Corporation Post, p. 665. construction projects pursuant to subtitle E as necessary to achieve the purposes of this title, (2)(A) Prior to the approval of a comprehensive strategy pursuant to subsection (c), the Corporation in discharging its responsibilities under paragraph (1) shall employ financial assistance pursuant to subtitle D or Corporation construction projects pursuant to subtitle E in such manner as will, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, (i) incorporate a technological diversity of processes, methods and techniques for each domestic resource that offers significant potential for use as a synthetic fuel feedstock as well as (ii) offer the potential for achieving the national synthetic fuel production goal set forth in section 125. (B) For the purposes of this paragraph, the term "domestic re- "Domestic source" shall be construed so as to require the consideration of resource." different types and qualities of coal (such as high- and low-sulphur coal, or Eastern and Western coal), shale, and tar sands, as different domestic resources. (3) Prior to undertaking a Corporation construction project pursu- Publication in ant to subtitle E, the Corporation shall publish in the Federal Federal Register its intent to undertake a Corporation construction project Register. and the objectives of such a Corporation construction project, and shall solicit proposals to meet such objectives through the use of financial assistance mechanisms established under subtitle D. If the Corporation does not receive, within thirty days after the publication of the objectives pursuant to the preceding sentence, an acceptable notice of intent to submit a proposal, the Corporation may undertake such a Corporation construction project pursuant to subtitle E. (b)(1) Subject to the requirements of paragraph (2), the Corporation Comprehensive shall, consistent with the purposes of this title, establish a compre- strategy, hensive strategy to achieve the national synthetic fuel production establishment. goal established by section 125. In the formulation of such comprehensive strategy, the Corporation— (A) shall consider all practicable means for the commercial production of synthetic fuel from domestic resources, employing the widest diversity of feasible technologies; and (B) after consultation with the Secretary of Defense, shall consider the feasibility of meeting national defense fuel requirements utilizing synthetic fuel produced pursuant to the provisions of this part. (2) Subject to the requirements of paragraph (3), not later than four Submittal to years after the effective date of this part, the Board of Directors shall Congress. adopt and directly submit its proposed comprehensive strategy to the Congress. Such comprehensive strategy, when approved pursuant to subsection (c), shall become the comprehensive strategy of the Corporation to achieve the national synthetic fuel production goal established by section 125. (3) The proposed comprehensive strategy shall— (A) to the extent feasible, set forth the recommendations of the Board of Directors on the Corporation's objectives and schedules for their achievement; (B) directly address and give emphasis to private sector responsibilities in the efforts necessary to achieve the national synthetic fuel production goal established by section 125; (C) specifically address how any Corporation involvement recommended in the comprehensive strategy will be expressly