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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980




Fehr-de Peters, Elisa Fehr-de Reimer, Sara Fehr-de Wall, Justina Francke, Donald L Foley, Maria E. and Caritina A Frazier, Joe L Friesen, Bernhard G., Katharina F., Franz F., Maria F., Peter F., Susana F., Gerhard H., Isaac R., Jacob H., Anna W., Aganetha W., and Jabob W Friesen-Duck, Marlene Friesen-Dyck, Clarence, Marolyn, and Ricky Friesen-Friesen, Edward, Jacob, and Johan Friesen-Kornelson, Jim, Dennis, Ronald, and Floyd Friesen-de Reimer, Elizabeth F Friesen-Teichroeb, Elisabeth, Jacob, and David Friessen-Dyck, Elizabeth and Abraham Friessen-de Neustater, Elizabeth Friessen-Peters, Abraham and Corny Froese, Katharina, Johan B., Aganetha R., Aganetha R., Bernhard R., Gerhard R., Jacob R., Johan R., Judith R., Susana K., Johan H., Helena K., Elisabeth K., Helena K., and Johan K Froese-Bergen, Helena, Jacob, Katharina, Katharina, and Margarita Froese-Froesse, Elizabeth, Pedro, Jacob, and Elizabeth Froese-Hamm, Cornelio Froese-Peters, Pedro Frye, Gerald W Fuel Resources Development Co

3599 3599 3596 3635 3617

3599 3599 3599 3599 3599 3599 3599 3599 3599 3599

3599 3599 3599 3599 3599 3618 3615

G Gayle, Florette 1 Gee, Raymond M Gell-Mann, Murray Giesbrecht, David D., Sara R., Susie R., Willie R., Peter F., Elizabeth N., Henrich N., Jacob N., and Maria N Giesbrecht-Bikert, Abraham Giesbrecht-Friesen, Jacob and Peter Giesbrecht-Klasen, Judith and Abraham Gilmore, Alvin E Goertzen-Giesbrecht, Isaak Goertzen-Knelsen, David, Francisco, Isaak, Katharina, Maria, and Susana Gold Star Wives of America

3629 3626 956

3599 3599 3599 3599 3596 3599 3599 2595

Grathwohl, Larry Greene, Charles J Guenther, Helena O., Heinrich, Eva, Katharina, Elizabeth, Jacob, Ana, David, and Johann Guenther-Fehr, Jacob Guenther-Friesen, Jacob Guenther-Hiebert, Katharina Guenther-Zacharias, Jacob

3616 3628 3599 3599 3599 3599 3599

H Hamilton, Allan Harder, Peter, Anna W., Agatha W., Jake W., and Katherina W Harms-Andres, Abram and Peter Harms-Dyck, Abraham, Isaac, and Peter Harms-Dyke, John Harms-Guenther, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Elizabeth Harms-Neufeld, Abram N., George, Helena, Jake, Johan, Margaretha, Maryann, Sara, Sara, Tina Harms-Reimer, Abraham, Maria, and Martha Harms-Rempel, Ana, Abraham, Bernardo, Isack, Katharina, Susana, and Susana Harms-Thiessen, Helena, Abram, Jacob, Helen, Johann, Berman, David, Gerherd, and Peter Harms-Wall, Abraham, Anna, Helena, Helena, Johan, Maria, and Pedro Hedlund, Nelia R Hernandez, Walter Hiebert, Jabob R Horrell, Charles H Humelsine, Carlisle H

3596 3599 3599 3599 3599 3599

3599 3599 3599 3599 3599 3592 3611 3599 3596 95

I I Wen Wang Chen Indians. See Subject Index. International Telescope Project, Hawaii Intrepid Museum Foundation, Inc

Jackson, Sheila M. and Melvin D Jewish Employment Vocational Service Jun Ae Hee

3634 2220 2552

3596 3617 3620

K Karmowiredjo Surip Karr, Keisha D Ke, Michael C Kelly, Col. Paul A

NOTE: Part 1 contains pages 1-1330; Part 2 contains pages 1331-2696; Part 3 contains pages 2697-3812.

3626 3629 3627 3596