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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

niaue, lor the cuiie^it liscal year, and "(ii) a statement of the extent to which available funds were not obligated or expended by the Secretary for grants under subsection (c) during the current fiscal year; and "(C) an assessment of each project assisted under subsection (c) or carried out under paragraph (1) that was completed in the preceding fiscal year regarding the extent to which (i) the objectives of the project were attained, and (ii) the project contributed to fishery development. "(e) ALLOCATION OF FUND MONEYS.—(1) With respect to any fiscal year, not less than 50 percent of— "(A) the moneys transferred to the fund under subsection (b) or any other provision of law with respect to that fiscal year; and "(B) such existing fund moneys carried over into that fiscal year; shall be used by the Secretary during that fiscal year to provide financial assistance for projects under subsection (c); and the remainder of such moneys in the fund shall be used to implement the national fisheries research and development program established under subsection (d) during that fiscal year. "(2) Moneys accruing to the fund established under subsection (b) for any fiscal year and not expended with respect to that year shall remain available for expenditure under this section without fiscal year limitation.". 15 USC 1511b.


(a) APPOINTMENT.—For purposes of carrying out export promotion and other fishery development responsibilities, the Secretary of Commerce (hereinafter in this section referred to as the "Secretary") shall appoint not fewer than six officers who shall serve abroad to promote United States fishing interests. These officers shall be knowledgeable about the United States fishing industry, preferably with experience derived from the harvesting, processing, or marketing sectors of the industry or from the administration of fisheries programs. Such officers, who shall be employees of the Department of Commerce, shall have the designation of fishery trade officers. (b) ASSIGNMENT.—Upon the request of the Secretary, the Secretary of State shall officially assign fishery trade officers to such diplomatic missions of the United States as the Secretary designates (three of which shall be those in Brussels, Belgium; Rome, Italy; and Tokyo, Japan) and shall obtain for them diplomatic privileges and immunities equivalent to those enjoyed by foreign service personnel of comparable rank and salary. (c) FUNCTIONS OF FISHERY TRADE OFFICERS.—The functions of

fishery trade officers appointed under subsection (a) shall be—