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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

94 STAT. 3312


PUBLIC LAW 96-564—DEC. 22, 1980

quantity of water equal to all the weekly runoff originating in subbasin 5 and all undesignated water flowing in subbasin 5 within their respective states to flow into the Red River as required to maintain a 1,000 cubic foot per second flow at the Arkansas-Louisiana state boundary, (c) Whenever the flow at Index, Arkansas, is less than 526 c.f.s., the states of Oklahoma and Texas shall each allow a quantity of water equal to 40 percent of the total weekly runoff originating in subbasin 5 within their respective states to flow into the Red River: Provided, however, this provision shall be invoked only at the request of Arkansas, only after Arkansas has ceased all diversions from the Red River itself in Arkansas above Index, and only if the provisions of Subsections 5.05(b)(2) and (3) have not caused a limitation of diversions in subbasin 5. (d) No state guarantees to maintain a minimum low flow to a downstream state. SECTION 5.06. Special Provisions. (a) Reservoirs within the limits of Reach II, subbasin 5, with a conservation storage capacity of 1,000 acre feet or less in existence or authorized on the date of the Compact pursuant to the rights and privileges granted by a Signatory State authorizing such reservoirs, shall be exempt from the provisions of Section 5.05; provided, if any right to store water in, or use water from, an existing exempt reservoir expires or is cancelled after the effective date of the Compact the exemption for such rights provided by this section shall be lost. (b) A Signatory State may authorize a change in the purpose or place of use of water from a reservoir exempted by subparagraph (a) of this section without losing that exemption, if the quantity of authorized use and storage is not increased. (c) Additionally, exemptions from the provisions of Section 5.05 shall not apply to direct diversions from Red River to off-channel reservoirs or lands. ARTICLE VI APPORTIONMENT OF WATER—REACH III ARKANSAS, LOUISIANA, AND TEXAS

Subdivision of Reach III and Allocation of Water Therein Reach III of the Red River is divided into topographic subbasins, and the water therein allocated, as follows: SECTION 6.01. Subbasin 1—Interstate streams—Arkansas and Texas. (a) This subbasin includes the Texas portion of those streams crossing the Arkansas-Texas state boundary one or more times and flowing through Arkansas into Cypress Creek-Twelve Mile Bayou watershed in Louisiana. (b) Texas is apportioned sixty (60) percent of the runoff of this subbasin and shall have unrestricted use thereof; Arkansas is entitled to forty (40) percent of the runoff of this subbasin. SECTION 6.02. Subbasin 2—Interstate streams—Arkansas and Louisiana. (a) This subbasin includes the Arkansas portion of those streams flowing from Subbasin 1 into Arkansas, as well as other streams in Arkansas which cross the Arkansas-Louisiana state boundary one or