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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

94 STAT. 3544


Appropriation authorization.

PUBLIC LAW 96-607—DEC. 28, 1980

include, but need not be limited to, recommendations for institutional changes, if any, which the Study Committee deems desirable and feasible to provide permanent management of the designated recreational areas along these river corridors. The report may also include recommendations for specific areas of local, regional, State, and Federal agency cooperation for river corridor management of the designated recreational areas. However, (1) The Study Committee shall recommend no policy or action which would place unreasonable restrictions on existing or compatible economic uses of these resources. (2) All policies and actions recommended by the Study Committee shall be compatible with and maintain the integrity of, existing federally designated management programs and units on the Saint Croix and Minnesota River Corridors. (d) The Study Committee shall review and utilize existing studies and consider existing plans, programs and policies as they affect the present and future recreational use of the river corridors described in section 901 of this title. (e) The Study Committee shall provide for public participation in the planning process in order to account for the concerns of recreational, commercial, cultural, and environmental interests, and State, regional, and local government. SEC. 905. There are hereby authorized to be appropriated $300,000 to the Department of the Interior to be granted to the Regional Planning Agency to carry out the purposes of this Act. TITLE X GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL RECREATION AREA

SEC. 1001. The Act of October 27, 1972 (86 Stat. 1299; 16 U.S.C. 460bb) is amended as follows: 16 USC 460bb-l. (1) in subsection 2(a), at the end thereof, add the following: "The recreation area shall also include the lands and waters in San Mateo County generally depicted on the map entitled 'Sweeney Ridge Addition, Golden Gate National Recreation Area', numbered NRA GG-80,000-A, and dated May 1980."; (2) strike out "map" in section 2(b) and substitute "maps"; 16 USC 460bb-2. (3) by adding "Point Montara", after "Point Diablo", in section 3(g); (4) add the following at the end of section 3(h): "That property known as the Pillar Point Military Reservation, under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Defense shall be transferred to the administrative jurisdiction of the Secretary at such time as the property, or any portion thereof, becomes excess to the needs of the Department of Defense."; (5) add at the end of section 3 the following: "(p) With reference to those lands known as the San Francisco water department property shown on map numbered NRA GG-80,000-A, the Secretary shall administer such land in accordance with the provisions of the documents entitled 'Grant of Scenic Easement', and 'Grant of Scenic and Recreation Easement', both executed on January 15, 1969, between the city and county of San Francisco and the United States, including such amendments to the subject document as may be agreed to by the affected parties subsequent to the date of enactment of this subsection. The Secretary is authorized to seek appropriate agreements needed to establish a