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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1981

PUBLIC LAW 97-35—AUG. 13, 1981

95 STAT. 509

Federal financial assistance may participate in such Follow Through programs. (b) Whenever the Secretary determines— (1) that a local educational agency receiving assistance under subsection (a) is unable or unwilling to include in a Follow Through program children enrolled in nonprofit private schools who would otherwise be eligible to participate therein; or (2) that it is otherwise necessary in order to accomplish the purposes of this section; the Secretary may provide financial assistance for the purpose of carrying out a Follow Through program to any other public or appropriate nonprofit private agency, organization, or institution. (c) Programs to be assisted under this section shall provide such comprehensive educational, health, nutritional, social, and other services as will aid in the continued development of children described in subsection (a) to their full potential. Such projects shall provide for the direct participation of the parents of such children in the development, conduct, and overall direction of the program at the local level. If the Secretary determines that participation in the project of children who are not from low-income families will serve to carry out the purposes of this section, the Secretary may provide for the inclusion of such children from non-low-income families, but only to the extent that their participation will not dilute the effectiveness of the services designed for children described in subsection (a). AUTHORIZATION OP APPROPRIATIONS

SEC. 668. (a)(1) There is authorized to be appropriated for carrying 42 USC 9862. out the purposes of this subchapter $44,300,000 for fiscal year 1982, $22,150,000 for fiscal year 1983, and $14,767,000 for fiscal year 1984. (2) Funds appropriated under this section for fiscal years 1982 and 1983 shall remedn available for obligation and expenditure during the fiscal year succeeding the fiscal year for which they are appropriated. (b) Financial assistance extended under this subchapter for a Follow Through program shall not exceed 80 percent of the approved costs of the assisted program or activities, except that the Secretary may approve assistance in excess of such percentage if the Secretary determines, in accordance with regulations establishing objective criteria, that such action is required in furtherance of the purposes of this subchapter. Non-Federal contributions may be in cash or in kind, fairly evaluated, including plant, equipment, or services. The Secretary shall not require non-Federal contributions in excess of 20 percent of the approved costs of programs or activities assisted under this subchapter. (c) No project shall be approved for assistance under this subchapter unless the Secretary is satisfied that the services to be provided under such project will be in addition to, and not in substitution for, services previously provided without Federal assistance. The requirement imposed by the preceding sentence shall be subject to such regulations as the Secretary may adopt. RESEARCH, DEMONSTRATION, AND PILOT PROJECTS

SEC. 664. (a) The Secretary may provide financial assistance 42 USC 9863. through grants or contracts for research, demonstration, or pilot projects conducted by public and private agencies which are designed to test or assist in the development of new approaches or methods