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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1982

96 STAT. 1340 20 USC 2305. Post, p. 1357.


Comments. 20 USC 2305.

Transfer of functions.

PUBLIC LAW 97-300—OCT. 13, 1982

(8) For purposes of section 105 of the Vocational Education Act of 1963, the State council shall be considered to be the same as either the State Manpower Services Council referred to in that section or the State Employment and Training Council authorized under the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act. (b) The State council shall— (1) recommend a Governor's coordination and specisd services plan; (2) recommend to the Governor substate service delivery areas, plan resource allocations not subject to section 202(a), provide management guidance and review for all programs in the State, develop appropriate linkages with other programs, coordinate activities with private industry councils, and develop the Governor's coordination and special services plan and recommend variations in performance standards; (3) advise the Governor and local entities on job training plans and certify the consistency of such plans with criteria under the Governor's coordination and special services plan for coordination of activities under this Act with other Federal, State, and local employment-related programs, including programs operated in designated enterprise zones; (4) review the operation of programs conducted in each service delivery area, and the availability, responsiveness, and adequacy of State services, and make recommendations to the Governor, appropriate chief elected officials, and private industry councils, service providers, the State legislature, and the general public with respect to ways to improve the effectiveness of such programs or services; (5) review and comment on the State plan developed for the State employment service agency; (6) make an annual report to the Governor which shall be a public document, and issue such other studies, reports, or documents as it deems advisable to assist service delivery areas in carrying out the purposes of this Act; (7)(A) identify, in coordination with the appropriate State agencies, the employment and training and vocational education needs throughout the State, and assess the extent to which employment and training, vocational education, rehabilitation services, public assistance, economic development, and other Federal, State, and local programs and services represent a consistent, integrated, and coordinated approach to meeting such needs; and (B) comment at least once guinually on the reports required pursuant to section 105(d)(3) of the Vocational Education Act of 1963; and (8) review plans of all State agencies providing employment, training, and related services, and provide comments and recommendations to the Governor, the State legislature, the State agencies, and the appropriate Federal agencies on the relevancy and effectiveness of employment and training and related service delivery systems in the State. (c) In addition to the fimctions described in subsection (jo), the Governor may, to the extent permitted by applicable law, transfer functions which are related to fimctions under this Act to the council established under this section from any State coordinating committee for the work incentive program under title IV of the