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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1982



Public Law


97-300 97-301








97-309 97-310


Plaque honoring Joseph Rosenthal, United States Marine Corps War Memorial. JOINT RESOLUTION To require the Secretary of the Interior to place a plaque at the United States Marine Corps War Memorial honoring Joseph Rosenthal, photographer of the scene depicted by the memorial Job Training Partnership Act. AN ACT To provide for a job training program and for other purposes Student Financial Assistance Technical Amendments Act of 1982. AN ACT To require a separate family contribution schedule for Pell Grants for academic years 1983-1984 and 1984-1985, to establish restrictions upon the contents of such schedule, and for other purposes Arkansas Forestry Commission; certain lands, conveyance. AN ACT To direct the Secretary of Agriculture to release on behalf of the United States a reversionary interest in certain lands conveyed to the Arkansas Forestry Commission, and to direct the Secretary of the Interior to convey certain mineral interests of the United States in such lands to such Commission.. Securities and Exchange Commission, jurisdiction clarification. AN ACT To clarify the jurisdiction of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the definition of security, and for other purposes Endangered Species Act Amendments of 1982. AN ACT To authorize appropriations to carry out the provisions of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 for fiscal years 1983, 1984, and 1985, and for other purposes Gallatin National Forest, land conveyance. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to convey certain lands in the Gallatin National Forest, and for other purposes Veterans' Compensation, Education, and Employment Amendments of 1982. AN ACT To amend title 38, United States Code, to increase the rates of disability compensation for disabled veterans, to increase the rates of dependency and indemnity compensation for surviving spouses and children, and to modify and improve the educational assistance programs administered by the Veterans' Administration and the veterans' employment programs administered by the Department of Labor; and for other purposes Migratory-bird hunting and conservation stamp contest. AN ACT To amend the Act of March 16, 1934, as amended, to credit entrance fees for the migratorybird hunting and conservation stamp contest to the account which pays for the administration of the contest Certain persons protected by U.S. Secret Service; protection zones, establishment. AN ACT To amend chapter 84, section 1752 of title 18, United States Code, to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to establish zones of protection for certain persons protected by the United States Secret Service Aviation insurance program, extension. AN ACT TO extend the aviation insurance program for five years.... Wolf Trap Farm Park Act. AN ACT To provide financial assistance to the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts for reconstruction of the Filene Center in Wolf Trap Farm Park, and for other purposes


Oct. 12, 1982


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Oct. 13, 1982


Oct. 13, 1982


Oct. 13, 1982


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Oct. 14, 1982


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Oct. 14, 1982