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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1982



97-450 97-451


97-453 97-454



97-457 97-458



xxxi Date

Department of Transportation and Motor Carrier Safety; enactment as subtitle I and chapter 31 of subtitle II of title 49, United States Code. AN ACT To revise, codify, and enact without substantive change certain general and permanent laws related to transportation as subtitle I and chapter 31 of subtitle II of title 49, United States Code, "Transportation" Jan. 12, 1983 B. F. Sisk Federal Building, designation. AN ACT To designate the Federal Building in Fresno, California, as the "B. F. Sisk Federal Building" Jan. 12, 1983 Federal Oil and Gas Royalty Management Act of 1982. AN ACT To ensure that all oil and gas originated on the public lands and on the Outer Continental Shelf are properly accounted for under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, and for other purposes Jan. 12, 1983 Money and finance, United States Code amendments. AN ACT To codify without substantive change recent laws related to money and finance and to improve the United States Code Jan. 12, 1983 Fishery conservation and management, improvement. AN ACT To improve fishery conservation and management Jan. 12, 1983 Quarterly financial report, transfer. AN ACT To amend title 13, United States Code, to transfer responsibility for the quarterly financial report from the Federal Trade Commission to the Secretary of Commerce, and for other purposes Jan. 12, 1983 Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and Social Security Act, amendments. AN ACT To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 to reduce the rate of certain taxes paid to the Virgin Islands on Virgin Islands source income, to amend the Social Security Act to provide for a temporary period that payment of disability benefits may continue through the hearing stage of the appeals process, and for other purposes Jan. 12, 1983 U.S. International Trade Commission, U.S. Customs Service and Office of the US. Trade Representative, appropriation authorizations. AN ACT To authorize appropriations for the United States International Trade Commission, the United States Customs Service, and the Office of the United States Trade Representative for fiscal year 1983, and for other purposes. Jan. 12, 1983 Certain banking and related statutes, technical corrections. JOINT RESOLUTION To make technical corrections in certain banking and related statutes Jan. 12, 1983 Indians, judgment funds distribution. AN ACT To amend the Act of October 19, 1973 (87 Stat. 466), relating to the use or distribution of certain judgment funds awarded by the Indian Claims Commission or the Court of Claims Jan. 12, 1983 Devils Lake Sioux Tribe, N. Dak., authorization to procure land. AN ACT To authorize the purchase, sale, and exchange of lands by Indian tribes and by the Devils Lake Sioux Tribe of the Devils Lake Sioux Reservation of North Dakota specifically, and for other purposes Jan. 12, 1983 Saratoga National Historical Park, N.Y., boundary revision. AN ACT To revise the boundaries of the Saratoga National Historical Park in the State of New York, and for other purposes Jan. 12, 1983


2413 2446


2467 2481



2503 2507