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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1982

PUBLIC LAW 97-252—SEPT. 8, 1982

96 STAT. 759

notice to Congress of any such determination, and no contract may be made pursuant to the exception authorized until the end of the 30-day period beginning on the date the notice of such determination is received by Congress.". (b) The table of sections at the beginning of such chapter is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new item: "7309. Restriction on construction of naved vessels in foreign shipyards.". PRIOR NOTIFICATION TO CONGRESS ON FOREIGN SOLE-SOURCE PROCUREMENTS

SEC. 1128. Subject to the provisions of chapter 138 of title 10, United States Code (relating to North Atlantic Treaty Organization lo use 2321 et mutual support), none of the funds authorized to be appropriated in *^9this Act may be used to enter into a prime contract for the purchase of a major article of equipment essential to the national defense from a manufacturer outside the United States that makes the United States dependent on that manufacturer as a sole source unless the Secretary of Defense has notified the Committees on Armed Services and Appropriations of the Senate and House of Representatives, in writing, of such proposed contract. PURCHASE OF CHEMICAL WARFARE PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND ITEMS CONTAINING SPECIALTY METALS FROM FOREIGN SOURCES

SEC. 1129. Section 723 of the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1982 (Public Law 97-114; 95 Stat. 1582) is amended by inserting after the first colon the following: "Provided, That nothing in this section shall preclude the procurement of specialty metals or chemical warfare protective clothing produced outside the United States or its possessions if such procurement is necessary to comply with agreements with foreign governments requiring the United States to purchase supplies from foreign sources for the purposes of offsetting sales made by the United States Government or United States firms under approved programs serving defense requirements or if such procurement is necessary in furtherance of the standardization and interoperability of equipment requirements within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) so long as such sigreements with foreign governments comply, where applicable, with the requirements of section 36 of the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2776) and section 814 of the Department of Defense Appropriation Authorization Act, 1976 (Public Law 94-106; 10 U.S.C. 2351 note):". RECOGNITION OF NATIONAL GUARD AND RESERVE FORCES

SEC. 1130. (a) The Congress finds that— 38 USC 2021 (1) the National Guard and Reserve Forces of the United ^°States are an integral part of the total force policy of the United States for national defense and need to be ready to respond, on short notice, to augment the active military forces in time of national emergency; (2) attracting and retaining sufficient numbers of qualified is a difficult chal{)ersons to serve in the Guard and Reserve induct persons for enge during a period in which authority to training and service in the Armed Forces is not provided by law; and

97-200 O—84—pt. 1

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