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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-480—OCT. 17, 1984

98 STAT. 2241


SEC. 111. Section 103 of the Act is amended— (1) by inserting after "handicapped" in clause (3) the following: "and institutionalized individuals"; (2) by redesignating clauses (4) and (5) as clauses (6) and (7), respectively, and inserting after clause (3) the following: "(4) describe the uses of funds for programs for the elderly, which may include (A) the training of librarians to work with the elderly; (B) the conduct of special library programs for the elderly particularly for the elderly who are handicapped; (C) the purchase of special library materials for use by the elderly; (D) the payment of salaries for elderly persons who wish to work in libraries as assistants on programs for the elderly; (E) the provision of in-home visits by librarians and other library personnel to the elderly; (F) the establishment of outreach programs to notify the elderly of library services available to them; and (G) the furnishing of transportation to enable the elderly to have access to library services; "(5) describe the manner in which funds for programs for handicapped individuals will be used to make library services more accessible to such individuals;"; and (3) by adding at the end thereof the following new sentence: "The amount which a State is required to expend pursuant to clause (3) of this section shall be ratably reduced to the extent that Federal allocations to the State are reduced.".

20 USC 354.


SEC. 112. (a) Section 202 of the Act is amended by striking out the second sentence and inserting in lieu thereof the following: "Such grants shall be used for the construction (as defined in section 3(2)) of public libraries.". (b)(1) Section 202 of the Act is further amended by inserting "(a)" after "SEC. 202." and by adding at the end thereof the following new subsections: "(b) For the purposes of subsection (a), the Federal share of the cost of construction of any project assisted under this title shall not exceed one-half of the total cost of such project. "(c) If, within 20 years after completion of construction of any library facility which has been constructed in part with funds made available under this title— "(1) the recipient (or its successor in title or possession) ceases or fails to be a public or nonprofit institution, or "(2) the facility ceases to be used as a library facility, unless the Secretary determines that there is good cause for releasing the institution from its obligation, the United States shall be entitled to recover from such recipient (or successor) an amount which bears the same ratio to the value of the facility at that time (or part thereof constituting an approved project or projects) as the amount of the Federal grant bore to the cost of such facility (or part thereof). The value shall be determined by the parties or by action brought in the United States district court for the district in which the facility is located.". (2) Subsection (c) of section 202 of the Act as added by the amendment made by paragraph (1) of this subsection shall apply to

20 USC 355b.

Courts, U.S. 20 USC 355b note.