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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-473—OCT. 12, 1984

98 STAT. 2083

and identifies the State agency or unit of local government which will implement each such program or project. This application must be amended annually if new programs are to be added to the application or if the programs contained in the original application are not implemented. The application must include— "(1) an assurance that following the first fiscal year covered by an application and each fiscal year thereafter, the applicant shall submit to the Bureau or to the State, as the case may be— "(A) a performance report concerning the activities carried out pursuant to this part and part E; and "(B) an assessment by the applicant of the impact of those activities on the purposes of this part and the needs and objectives identified in the applicant's statement; "(2) a certification that Federal funds made available under this title will not be used to supplant State or local funds, but will be used to increase the amounts of such funds that would, in the absence of Federal funds, be made available for criminal justice activities; "(3) an assurance that fund accounting, auditing, monitoring, and such evaluation procedures as may be necessary to keep such records as the Bureau shall prescribe shall be provided to assure fiscal control, proper management, and efficient disbursement of funds received under this title; "(4) an assurance that the applicant shall maintain such data and information and submit such reports in such form, at such times, and containing such data and information as the Bureau may reasonably require to administer other provisions of this title; "(5) a certification that its programs meet all the requirements of this section, that all the information contained in the application is correct, that there has been appropriate coordination with affected agencies, and that the applicant will comply with all provisions of this title and all other applicable Federal laws (such certification shall be made in a form acceptable to the Bureau and shall be executed by the chief executive or such other officer of the applicant qualified under regulations promulgated by the Office); "(6) if the applicant is a State, an assurance that not more than 10 per centum of the aggregate amount of funds received by a State under this part for a fiscal year will be distributed for programs and projects designated as intended to achieve the purpose specified in section 403(a)(13); "(7) an assurance that the State will take into account the needs and requests of units of general local government in the State and encourage local initiative in the development of programs which meet the purposes of Section 408(a); "(8) an assurance that the State application described in this section, and any amendment to such application, has been submitted for review to the State legislature or its designated body (for purposes of this section, such application or amendment shall be deemed to be reviewed if the State legislature or such body does not review such application or amendment within the 60-day period beginning on the date such application or amendment is so submitted); and "(9) an assurance that the State application and any amendment thereto was made public before submission to the Bureau and, to the extent provided under State law or established

Report. Post, pp. 2086, 2087.

Effective date.