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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 3044 19 USC 2253


(a) The Congress finds that— (1) the United States steel industry has a serious need to modernize its plant and equipment in order to enhance its international competitiveness, and needs increased capital investments to effect that modernization; (2) the ability of the domestic steel industry to be internationaly competitive is, and has been, impeded by the effects of the enormous Federal budget deficit, an overvalued dollar, and increasing trade deficits, as well as serious injury due to imports of, and subsidies, dumping, and the use of other unfair and restrictive foreign trade practices regarding steel products; (3) the extensiveness of the unfair trade practices engaged in the international market regarding such products imposes unusually harsh burdens on the United States steel industry in combating those practices through the trade remedy laws; (4) expeditious and effective action under the President's national policy for the steel industry, including more vigorous efforts by the Executive Branch to self-initiate and pursue remedies against those practices, is needed to eliminate the adverse effects of those unfair trade practices; (5) import relief will be ineffective and will not serve the national economic interest unless the industry during the period of relief engages in serious efforts substantially to modernize and to improve its international competitiveness; and (6) full and effective implementation of the national policy for the steel industry will substantially improve the economy and employment in both the steel and iron ore-producing sectors. (b) The purposes of this title are— (1) to supplement the authority of the President to achieve the goals of the national policy for the steel industry by granting enforcement powers regarding those bilateral arrangements that are entered into or undertaken for purposes of implementing that national policy; and (2) to make the continuation of those powers subject to the condition that the steel industry undertake a comprehensive modernization of its plant and equipment. 19 USC 2253 note.


It is the sense of the Congress that— (1) the President should, in conjunction with the authority granted under this title, implement the national policy for the steel industry in a manner to ensure that the foreign share of the United States market for steel products is commensurate with a level which would obtain under conditions of fair, unsubsidized competition; and it is further the sense of Congress that when this policy is fully implemented, it will result in a foreign share of the domestic market of 17.0 to 20,2 percent, subject to such modifications that changes in market conditions and the composition of the steel industry may require; (2) the national policy for the steel industry should not be implemented in a manner contrary to the antitrust laws; and (3) if the national policy for the steel industry does not produce satisfactory results within a reasonable period of time, the Congress will consider taking such legislative actions concerning steel and iron ore products as may be necessary or