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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-603—OCT. 30, 1984

98 STAT. 3159

revert to the United States without the necessity for further action to accomplish the reversion of title to the United States. SEC. 108. In order to relieve the Elephant Butte Irrigation District of any obligation to reimburse the Bureau of Reclamation for leave and severance payments to certain employees of the Rio Grande project separated as a result of the transfer of operation and maintenance responsibilities to the Elephant Butte District, miscellaneous revenues having been collected by the Bureau of Reclamation from the sale or lease of project lands, interests in lands or other sources may be credited to the Elephant Butte Irrigation District for such leave and severance payments and accrued interest penalties on the district's obligations. Penalties shall be assessed up till September 23, 1983. SEC. 109. An approximate twenty-acre area as shown on a map entitled Sandia Mountain Wilderness additions, dated March 26, 1981, on file in the Office of the Chief of the Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, is hereby added to and made a part of the Sandia Mountain Wilderness: Provided, That the Secretary of Agriculture may allow the continuance of the existing diversion dam and existing related facilities conforming to the terms and conditions of maintenance he deems appropriate, including the provision for access and the use of mechanized equipment only for construction and maintenance of existing structures: Provided further, That any upgrading of the existing diversion dam shall be completed within four years of the date of this section in accord with the plans approved by the Secretary of Agriculture. The Secretary of Agriculture may extend the time of such reconstruction if he deems such extension is necessary and in the public interest. SEC. 110. (a)(1) The Secretary of the Interior (hereafter in this section referred to as the "Secretary") may convey to Sumner Lake Corporation of the State of New Mexico all right, title, and interest of the United States in and to the real property described in paragraph (2), but such conveyance to such corporation may be made only in the event that the State of New Mexico has given a written release to the United States Government from the State's lease of such property. (2) The real property referred to in paragraph (1) is located in Lake Sumner State Park, in the State of New Mexico, and is more particularly described as follows: all portions of sections 28 and 34 in township 5 north, range 24 east, that are more than 4,280 feet above sea level. The acreage and legal description of such real property shall be determined by the Secretary after consulting with Sumner Lake Corporation. (b)(l) In consideration for the conveyance authorized in subsection (a), Sumner Lake Corporation shall pay to the Secretary for deposit in the United States Treasury the fair market value of the real roperty conveyed as determined on the date of such conveyance, uch fair market value shall be determined by the Secretary by means of an appraisal conducted in accordance with established appraisal procedures. (2) Any administrative cost incurred by the Secretary incident to any conveyance under subsection (a), including any surveying cost, recording cost, or legal cost, shall be reimbursed by Sumner Lake Corporation. (c)(1) Any conveyance under subsection (a) shall reserve to the United States all oil, coal, and other minerals in the real property conveyed, and the right to prospect for, mine, and remove such oil.


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Public lands.