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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 2456

Ante, p. 2441. Ante, p. 2440.

Ante, p. 2435.

Ante, p. 2450. Ante, p. 2438. Ante, p. 2437.

PUBLIC LAW 98-524—OCT. 19, 1984

"(9) the expansion and improvement of programs at area vocational education schools; "(10) the acquisition of equipment and the renovation of facilities necessary to improve or expand vocational education programs within the State; "(11) the conduct of special courses and teaching strategies designed to teach the fundamental principles of mathematics and science through practical applications which are an integral part of the student's occupational program; "(12) the assignment of personnel to work with employers and eligible recipients in a region to coordinate efforts to ensure that vocational programs are responsive to the labor market and supportive of apprenticeship training programs; "(13) the activities of vocational student organizations carried out as an integral part of the secondary and postsecondary instructional program; "(14) prevocational programs; "(15) programs of modern industrial and agricultural arts; "(16) support for full-time personnel to carry out section 111(b) which shall be paid for from administrative expenses of the State available under section 102(b); "(17) the provision of stipends, which shall not exceed reasonable amounts as prescribed by the Secretary by regulation, for students entering or already enrolled in vocational education programs who have acute economic needs which cannot be met under work-study programs; "(18) placement services for students who have successfully completed vocational education programs (including special services for the handicapped and cooperative efforts with rehabilitation programs); "(19) day care services for children of students in secondary and postsecondary vocational education programs; "(20) the construction of area vocational education school facilities in areas having a demonstrated need for such facilities; "(21) the acquisition of high-technology equipment for vocational education programs; "(22) the provision of vocational education through arrangements with private vocational education institutions, private postsecondary educational institutions, and employers whenever such private institutions or employers can make a significant Contribution to attaining the objectives of this Act and can provide substantially equivalent preparation at a lesser cost, or can provide equipment or services not available in public institutions; "(23) the acquisition and operation of communications and telecommunications equipment for vocational education programs; and "(24) the improvement or expansion of any other vocational education activities authorized under part A. "(b) From the portion of the allotment of each State under section 101 available for this part from amounts appropriated pursuant to section 3(a) for each fiscal year, each State shall use grants for the provision of inservice and preservice training designed to increase the competence of vocational education teachers, counselors, and administrators, including special emphasis on the integration of