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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1985

99 STAT. 974

PUBLIC LAW 99-167—DEC. 3, 1985 Plattsburgh Air Force Base, New York, $1,050,000. Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, $1,960,000. Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, $4,650,000. Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan, $5,300,000. TACTICAL AIR COMMAND

Bergstrom Air Force Base, Texas, $770,000. Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, $12,500,000. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, $5,730,000. England Air Force Base, Louisiana, $2,600,000. George Air Force Base, California, $5,240,000. Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, $16,850,000. Homestead Air Force Base, Florida, $7,015,000. Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, $8,680,000. Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, $14,780,000. MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, $8,850,000. Moody Air Force Base, Geoi^a, $24,030,000. Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, $14,600,000. Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, South Carolina, $430,000. Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, $17,860,000. Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina, $2,320,000. Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, $13,300,000. Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, $8,780,000, UNITED STATES AIR FORCE ACADEMY

Air Force Academy, Colorado, $10,310,000. (b) OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES.—The Secretary of the Air Force may acquire real property and may carry out military construction projects in the amounts shown for each of the following installations and locations outside the United States: MILITARY AIRUFT COMMAND

<+£• -

Lajes Field, Portugal, $25,285,000. Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany, $1,500,000. PACIFIC AIR FORCES

Camp Zama, Japan, $1,500,000. Kadena Air Base, Japan, $27,650,000. Misawa Air Base, Japan, $9,500,000. Yokota Air Base, Japan, $10,400,000. Kimhae Air Base, Korea, $10,400,000. Kunsan Air Base, Korea, $9,000,000. KwangnJu Air Base, Korea, $16,310,000. Osan Air Base, Korea, $24,510,000. Sachon Air Base, Korea, $310,000. Diego Garcia Air Base, Indian Ocean, $5,300,000. Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippines, $15,050,000. SPACE COMMAND

Thule Air Base, Greenland, $12,350,000. Sondrestrom Air Base, Greenland, $5,750,000. GEODSS Site 5, Portugal, $14,650,000. Pirinclik Air Station, Turkey, $2,600,000. BMEWS Site IB, Fylingdales, United Kingdom, $3,100,000.