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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1985

PUBLIC LAW 99-198—DEC. 23, 1985

99 STAT. 1659

(c)(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), from any funds made available to the Department of the Interior until expended, moneys shall be made available for the transfer by the Secretary of the Interior to the Secretary of Agriculture for the prevention, suppression, and control of grasshoppers and Mormon Cricket outbreaks on Federal lands under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior. (2) No funds shall be made available under this authority, until Prohibition, contingency funds specifically available to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for grasshopper emergencies have been exhausted. (d) On request of the administering agency or the Department of Agriculture of an affected State, the Secretary of Agriculture shall immediately treat Federal, State, or private lands that are infested by grasshoppers or Mormon Crickets at levels of economic infestation, unless the Secretary determines that delaying treatment will optimize biological control and not cause greater economic damage to adjacent landowners. (e) The Secretary of Agriculture shall— (1) pay out of appropriated funds made available to the Secretary or transferred to the Secretary by the Secretary of the Interior—100 percent of the cost of grasshopper or Mormon Cricket control on Federal lands; (2) pay out of appropriated funds made available to the Secretary— (A) 50 percent of the cost of such control on State lands; and (B) 33.3 percent of the cost of such control on private rangelands; and (3) participate in prevention, control, or suppression programs for grasshoppers and Mormon Crickets in conjunction with other Federal, State and private prevention, control or suppression efforts. (f) From appropriated funds made available or transferred by the Secretary of the Interior to the Secretary of Agriculture for such purposes, the Secretary of Agriculture shall provide adequate funding for a program to train personnel to effectively accomplish the objective of this section. STUDY OF A STRATEGIC ETHANOL RESERVE

SEC. 1778. (a) The Secretary of Agriculture shall conduct a study of the cost effectiveness, the economic benefits, and the feasibility of establishing, maintaining, and utilizing a Strategic Ethanol Reserve relative to the existing Strategic Petroleum Reserve. (b) The study shall be completed within one year after the enactment of this section and shall include, among other considerations— (1) the benefits and losses related to the U.S. economy, farm income, emplojmtient, government commodity programs, and the trade deficit of utilizing a Strategic Ethanol Reserve, as opposed to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve; and (2) the savings from storing ethanol as opposed to storing the amount of CCC-held grain necessary to produce the ethanol. (c) If the study shows that the Strategic Ethanol Reserve is cost effective, beneficial to the U.S. economy, and feasible in comparison with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the Secretary of Agriculture may establish, maintain, and utilize a Strategic Ethanol Reserve.

42 USC 6231 note.

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