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ZOOLOGY MOLLUSCS Although Surrey has not been so well, or so systematically, worked as some other English counties, 103 species have been recorded out of the 139 known to inhabit the British Islands. Several more, especially slugs, will doubtless be found when thorough search is made, but so far the principal records are a series of -papers by Professor T. D. A. Cockerell in the Zoologist for 1885, so that further and more extended observations remain to be made. The assemblage presents an average British facies, with the addition of two or three forms of interest. Thus the occurrence of Helicella car- tustana, if established, is noteworthy, since this is rather a costal species. More interesting still is the discovery near Mickleham of a colony of the cheese snail (Helicodonta obvoluta), and probably more may yet be met with in other places along the North Downs, where it should be sought for in beech woods. Surrey is distinctly the home of the Roman snail (Helix pomatia] , its headquarters being the great escarpment of the North Downs. Its English name is inappropriate, since it has been found in deposits of pre-Roman age near Reigate, and was consequently not introduced by the Romans as formerly supposed. Yet more unfortunate is its other trivial name of 'apple snail,' derived from a mistaken translation of its specific name, pomatia^ which was given because in winter the animal closes the mouth of its shell by secreting a chalky lid (Trm/xa) or trapdoor. The Royal Gardens at Kew have furnished some introduced forms, such as Subulina octona from the West Indies, Physa acuta from southern Europe, and Vitrea lucida, which last however may yet prove indigenous in the county, since it occurs on the other side of the Thames at Isle- worth. A. GASTROPODA I. PULMONATA Limax arborum, Bouch. -Chant. Aeriolimax agrestis (Linn.) a. STYLOMMATOPHORA Barnes Testacella haliotidea, Drap. Nutfield Priory Amalia sowerbii (Fer.) in company with the next species ; Vitrina pellucida (Mttll.) Sutton Common Vitrea crystallina (Mull.) scutulum, Sby. Nutfield Priory ; Syden- lucida (Drap.) ham ; Croydon, etc. alliaria (Miller). Barnes Common Limax maximus, Linn. glabra (Brit. Auct.) flavw, Linn. allaria (Mull.) 71