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EARLY MAN PUTTENHAM. Part of a palaeolithic implement, various neolithic implements and a ground celt ; all these are in the Charterhouse Museum. Romano-British pottery found at Hillborough, and Puttenham, now in Guildford Museum. REDHILL and REIGATE. Various neolithic implements, including leaf-shaped arrowheads, cores, hammerhead, etc., and hut floors [Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London, ser. 2, i. 71-4 ; Evans S. 244, 277, 378]. Thousands of neolithic flakes and evidences of neolithic dwellings [Proc. Soc. Antiq. Land. ser. 2, i. 6972 ; Archaeological Journal, xvii. 171]. Ground neolithic celts, hammer-stones and spindle-whorl, and two bronze age armlets of bronze [Evans 5. 100, 244, 278 ; Archteological Journal, x. 723]. British coins found at Reigate [Evans C. 83, 511]. RIDDLESDOWN. Neolithic scraper, flakes and cores. ROEHAMPTON. Small ovate palaeolithic implement found by Mr. G. T. Lawrence. ROTHERHITHE. Bronze age palstave of bronze [Evans B. 86]. ST. MARTHA'S. Neolithic implements from the fields near St. Martha's Hill, in Guildford Museum. Neolithic or bronze age interments found in 1874. SEALE. Prehistoric barrows [Surr. Arch. Coll. xii. 1523]. SHALFORD. Neolithic implements. SHEEN EAST. Sandstone with hollow cavity, probably formed by use with a crusher or pounder [Evans 5. 253 ; Bateman's Ten Tears' Diggings, p. 172]. Palaeolithic implements found by Mr. J. Allen Brown, F.G.S. [Quarterly 'Journal of the Geological Society of London, xlii. 555 ; Evans S. 591]. SHIRLEY. Neolithic hut-floors and implements. SUTTON. Many neolithic implements found in and near Sutton by Mr. J. P. Johnson. TATSFIELD. So-called ' eolithic implements.' THE THAMES AT BATTERSEA. Bronze swords, spearheads, gouge and cauldron (Evans B. 175, 278, 279, 281, 321, 327, 411]. THE THAMES AT KINGSTON. Bronze palstaves, celt, knife, rapier-blades, sword and spear- head (Evans B. 84, 86, 125, 211, 248, 250, 254, 284, 338). THE THAMES BETWEEN KINGSTON AND HAMPTON COURT. Two bronze celts, bronze sword and two iron spearheads [Archeeologia, xxx. 492]. THE THAMES AT LAMBETH. Bronze spearhead [Evans B. 330]. THE THAMES AT RICHMOND. Bronze knife-dagger [Evans B. 246]. THE THAMES AT RUNNYMEDE. Bronze spearhead [Evans B. 328 ; Archteological Journal, xviii. 158 ; Arch. Assoc. Journal, xvi. 322], THE THAMES AT VAUXHALL. Bronze rapier blade and leaf-shaped sword [Evans B. 248, 279]. THE THAMES AT WALTON. British uninscribed gold coin [Evans C. 436]. THE THAMES AT WANDSWORTH. Bronze socketed celt of unusual form [Evans B. 130]. TILFORD. Earthworks, possibly of the neolithic age, on hills called ' Hillyfields,' ' Long- down ' and ' Kinchill.' TITSEY. Neolithic ground celt [Surr. Arch. Coll. iv. 228 ; Evans S. 144]. Neolithic hammerhead of granite [Surr. Arch. Coll. iv. 237 ; Evans S. 230]. WALTON-ON-THAMES. Two cinerary urns containing bones were discovered about three years ago half a mile west of Walton railway station. They are now in the possession of Mr. A. J. Butler. Neolithic flint dagger [Evans S. p. 351 ; Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London, ser. 2, vi. 73]. WANBOROUGH. Small palaeolithic ovate implement and neolithic implements, in the Charter- house Museum. Perforated hammer-stone formed of a quartzite pebble, in Guildford Museum. Bronze palstave, in Guildford Museum. WANDLE (the river). Bronze swords, spearhead, palstave and pin [Archaeological Journal, ix. 7-8 ; Evans B. 282, 316, 368]. WANDSWORTH. Palaeolithic implements found by Mr. G. F. Lawrence. WARLINGHAM. So-called ' eolithic implements.' WEYBRIDGE. St. George's Hill : a prehistoric camp. WIMBLEDON CAMP. Possibly prehistoric. WIMBLEDON. Palaeolithic implement found on Wimbledon Common. WISHMOOR. Neolithic ground adze-like celt [Journal of the Anthropological Institute, p. 368, pi. xxi.; Evans S. 70]. 253