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INSECTS CARABINA (continued) Carabus granulatus, L. Fairly common throughout the county ; January to December monilis, F. Found in all parts through- out the year, but most in evidence in spring and autumn NOTIOPHILINA Notiophilus biguttatus, F. All localities throughout the year. substriatus, Wat. All seasons, but mostly during summer. Knowle (Blatch), Solibull aquaticus, L. All localities at all seasons palustris, Duft. Same as the preceding ; perhaps rather less abundant NEBRIINA Leistus spinibarbis, F. Common at roots of trees, under stones, bark, etc., throughout the county ; all seasons fulvibarbis, Dej. Under bark, at roots of trees, etc. ; all seasons ; common ferrugineus, L. Under bark, in moss and grass tufts ; all seasons ; common rufescens, F. In bogs, grass tufts and sphagnum, on banks of streams and in flood refuse ; all seasons ; rather less abundant than preceding Nebria brevicollis, F. Common every- where ; all seasons ELAPHRINA Elaphrus riparius, L. Muddy banks of rivers and ponds ; generally distri- buted. Knowle (Blatch), Edgbaston, Stratford-on-Avon cupreus, Duft. Habitat and distribu- tion same as last species. Knowle (Blatch), Stratford-on-Avon LORICERINA Loricera pilicornis, F. Occurs under all conditions, and is abundant SCARATINA Clivina fossor, L. Under clods and stones, in moss, grass tufts and hedge refuse. In winter found hybernating 6 or 8 inches below surface of ground ; January to December ; abundant in all parts collaris, Herbst. In banks of rivers ; local ; January to December. Salford Priors (Blatch) Dyschirius globosus, Herbst. In boggy places, under refuse, in grass tussocks and moss ; all seasons. Coleshill, Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle LICININA Badister bipustulatus, F. In grass tufts, hedge rubbish, moss, and under stones. Throughout the year in all localities, but not very abundantly 83 LICININA (continued) Badister sodalis, Duft. Under stones, flood refuse and moss ; local and scarce, but found in all seasons. Knowle CHUENIINA Chlaenius vestitus, Payk, In banks of rivers and ponds, and under stones : January to December. Alcester (Blatch) nigricornis, F. On banks of rivers and marshy places, amongst herbage, etc., May to September, and probably hybernates in mud cracks and at roots of plants. Edgbaston (Jackson), Alcester OODINA Oodes helopioides, F. In marshy places at roots of plants. Knowle STENOLOPHINA Acupalpus exiguus, Dej. In sphagnum ; all seasons ; rare. Coleshill (Blatch) exiguus var. luridus, Dej. In sphagnum and at roots of plants in boggy places ; local ; January to December. Coles- bill (Blatch), Knowle meridianus, L. At grass roots, in moss, vegetable refuse and haystack bottoms ; all seasons ; found through- out the county Bradycellus cognatus, Gyll. In boggy places and on heaths ; under stones in vegetable refuse ; in sphagnum ; locally abundant, all seasons. Coleshill, Button Park (Blatch), Alerter distinctus, Dej. In moss and grass tufts, damp places in woods, margins of ponds ; January to December. Coleshill, Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle - verbasci, Duft. Under stones, in moss, grass tufts and flood refuse ; January to December; all localities harpalinus, Dej. Habitat and distri- bution much the same as preceding, and even more abundant HARPALINA Harpalus rufibarbis, F. Under refuse on margins of ponds ; amongst chips, etc., in woods ; in moss and under stones ; January to December ; throughout the county. ruficornis, F. Under stones and rub- bish ; all seasons ; all localities aeneus, F. Under stones, vegetable refuse, moss, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities latus, L. Under stones, clods, moss and rubbish; all seasons; all locali- ties tardus, Panz. Under stones in gravel pits ; on heaths, etc. ; spring to autumn ; scarce. Sutton Park. Also