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INSECTS ANCHOMENINA (continued) Calathus fuscus, F. Under stones in sandy places. Sutton Part (Blatch) flavipes, Fourc. Under stones, refuse, etc., especially on heaths and hills ; spring to autumn. Coleshill (Blatch), Sutton Park melanocephalus, L. An abundant species ; all seasons ; all localities piceus, Marsh. In sphagnum, the folds of reeds and flags, dead leaves in woods, etc. ; all seasons. Sutton Park (Blatch), Coleshill, Knowle (Sept. 1901) Taphria nivalis, Panz. Under stones and moss ; all seasons. Small Heath (Blatch), Knowle Pristonychus terricola, Herbst. In cellars, stables, banks of rivers, moss and under bark ; all seasons ; all localities, urban and rural Anchomenus angusticollis, F. Under loose bark ; amongst herbage ; at roots of trees in woods ; all seasons ; all localities dorsalis, Mull. Under stones, refuse, moss, loose bark and herbage at roots of trees ; all seasons ; all localities albipes, F. On banks of streams and ponds, in moss and vegetable refuse ; abundant everywhere ; all seasons oblongus, Sturm. Amongst herbage and under willow bark in wet places ; all seasons. Salford Priors (Blatch), Stratford-on-Avon (Bloom) marginatus, L. Margins of ponds and rivers ; January to December ; hy- bernates in crevices. Edgbaston (Jackson), Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle parumpunctatus, F. Under stones, in moss, grass tufts, hotbeds and refuse generally ; all seasons ; plentiful in all localities atratus, Duft. In marshy places; on banks of rivers and pools and under stones ; spring to autumn ; local and scarce. Alcester, Sutton Park (Blatch), Coleshill viduus, Panz. In moss and refuse in damp places ; all seasons. Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle, Solihull viduus var. mcestus, Duft. Found with the type form, and rather more plen- tiful micans, Nic. Under loose bark of decaying logs, and in moss and herb- age in marshy places and banks ot rivers and ponds j all localities ; all seasons ANCHOMENINA (continued) Anchomenus fuliginosus, Panz. In sphag- num and herbage in marshy places ; abundant at all times and in all localities gracilis, Gyll. In sphagnum, grass tussocks, etc., in boggy places ; all seasons ; local. Tysoe, Sutton Park, Salford Priors (Blatch), Knowle, Coleshill piceus, L. Habitat and distribution same as the preceding thoreyi, Dej. In sphagnum, axils of flags and vegetable refuse ; on mar- gins of pools. Coleshill, Sutton Park (Blatch), near Knowle puellus, Dej. Found under same con- ditions and in the same localities as the preceding Olisthopus rotundatus, Payk. Under stones, refuse and moss ; all seasons ; all localities BEMBIDIINA Bembidium rufescens, Gue'r. Under refuse, etc., in marshy places; all seasons; all localities quinquestriatum, Gyll. On walls and under stones. Olton, Small Heath (Blatch), Knowle obtusum, Sturm. In moss, refuse, hotbeds, etc. ; partial to dry situa- tions ; abundant at all times and in all situations guttula, F. In all sorts of habitats, and met with in profusion everywhere mannerheimi, Sahl. In damp woods, flood refuse, margins of streams and ponds ; all seasons ; all localities biguttatum, F. In habitat and range similar to preceding riparium, Ol. Damp places, banks of streams and ponds, amongst herbage, under stones, etc. ; all localities, but not so abundant as preceding aeneum, Germ. Under refuse, stones and bark in damp places ; local. Alcester, Tysoe (Blatch), Stratford, Knowle articulatum, Panz. On margins of streams and ponds; spring to autumn. Tysoe, Salford Priors (Blatch), Knowle doris, Panz. In moss and vegetable refuse on margins of ponds and streams ; all seasons ; local. First taken in midlands by Mr. Blatch and Mr. Tail at Waterfield; Water Lane, Knowle lampros, Herbst. Found under all sorts of conditions at all times and in all localities