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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE ACRONYCTIN.S (continued) (E. C. Tye, H. Taylor); Small Heath (one, W. G. Blatch) ; Edg- baston (G. H. Kenrick, one at 'light'; Blatch Hand., and Enock, Sat. Guide) ; near Solihull (A. D. Imms, Entom. 1898, p. 293) ; Rugby (A. Sidgwick, Rugby list, 1867 ; one, N. W. Hudson, Rugby list, 1889) ; Brandon Woods and Overslade (one each, Rugby lists, 1893) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Sutton (one, F. Enock, E.M.M. i. 143) Acronycta tridens, Schiff. Very doubtfully distinguished from the next species. It is probably not uncommon, but re- cords cannot be trusted. I have not met with the larvae myself. W. G. Blatch (Brit. Assoc. Hand.) speaks however of taking the larvae on elms at Knowle, and probably knew them ; and N. V. Sidgwick writes to me that he has taken and bred it at Rug/>y,znd is certain of the identifi- cation psi, L. Very common everywhere menyanthidis, View. Mr. G. H. Kenrick took a single specimen in 1899 at Richmond Hi//, Edgbaston ; he knew the species, having taken it in the north, so it was doubtless correctly identified, but its occurrence must have been quite accidental - rumicis, L. Common everywhere Craniophora (Acronycta) ligustri, F. Rare. Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Rugby = Coombe Wood, etc. (Rugby lists) Agrotis strigula, Thnb. (porphyrea, Hb.) Not common ; occurs most freely in Sutton Park ; also recorded from near Coleshill (G. W. Wynn); Hay Woods (Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby (Rugby lists, 1888 only ; rather doubtful) janthina, Esp. Common throughout the district fimbria, L. Not uncommon. Occurs in nearly every list, but is never abundant interjecta, Hb. Rare. Knuw/e (one, R. C. Bradley, Aug. 16, 1885) ; Hamf- ton-in-Arden (two at 'sugar,' 1900, G. W. Wynn); Tardley, Knowle (Blatch Hand.); Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists, several times) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Wolford (Austen ; used to be fairly plentiful, W. C. E. Wheeler); Whitchurch (J. H. Bloom) augur, F. Common throughout the district TRIFIN/E (continued) Agrotis obscura, Brahm. (ravida, Hb.) Very rare. Rugby (N. V. Sidgwick) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Whitckurch (Worcestershire side, L. C. Keighley-Peach) pronuba, L. Abundant everywhere as usual comes, Hb. (orbona, F.) Common everywhere castanea, Esp. Very rare. Rugby = Overslade, Frankton, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker). F. Enock gives it as occurring in the Birmingham district in his 1870 list agathina, Dup. Was once only taken at Sutton by H. Tunaley triangulum, Hufn. Marston Green, Tardley, Hampton-in-Arden (common, G. W. Wynn); Sutton (P. W. Abbott, etc.) ; Knowle (R. C. Brad- ley) ; Small Heath (Blatch Cat.) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) baja, F. Common everywhere c-nigrum, L. xanthographa, F. Very common everywhere umbrosa, Hb. Tardley, Hampton-in- Arden (G. W. Wynn); Knowle (R. C. Bradley, W. G. Blatch) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Wolford (' seems fond of sunflowers,' W. C. E. Wheeler) rubi, View. Sutton (P. W. Abbott) ; Knowle (R. C. Bradley, etc.) ; Hampton-in-Arden (G. W. Wynn) ; Birmingham (Blatch Cat.) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Ather- stone (C. Baker) ; Whitchurch (J. H. Bloom) - dahlii, Hb. Not common. Sutton (P. W. Abbott, G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (Blatch Coll.); Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) brunnea, F. Marston Green, Hampton- in-Arden (common, G. W. Wynn) ; Sutton (P. W. Abbott, R. C. Bradley, etc.) ; Knowle (R. C. Bradley, etc.) ; Rugby = Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists) primulas, Esp. (testiva, Hb.) Common everywhere glareosa, Esp. Sutton (P. W. Abbott, G. W. Wynn, R. C. Bradley, etc.) ; Hampton-in-Arden (G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (W. G. Blatch) plecta, L. Sutton (P. W. Abbott, G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (R. C. 134