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[ 14 ] ſo many years upon his bed, is made to diſcover all theſe ſecrets and deſigns : which makes tlein attoniſhed. 27 Feb .I. About two in the afternoon, being ſurpriz- ed with a great light, it was ſaid to me, Muſt I be ac- countable of iny delivery to thee, ſo thou for thy receivin from me thou muſt ſtand before the judgment-feat of Chriſt, and witneſs thy delivery to this generation. I know thou halt omitted a great part, which thy memory could not contain, for which I do not quarrel thee. I take heaven and earth to witneſs, that I au laying before thee the fall of Babylon, and ruin of Romiſh Antichriſt. I was ſo taken with theſe words, that I made my appeal, that I would conceal nothing that he would keep upon my memory. Then I was anſwered, I am preparing a ſacrifice in Babylon which will make the fowls of the ait, and beatls of the field to eat the felt and drink the blood of Antichriſt, accord- ing to that ſcripture, 'Rev. xvi. 2. &c. For I have a rem- pant that will take warning and leave her ſins which ſhall eſcape her judgments; but there is an unaccountable mul- titude which I will ſweep away in her deſtruction : for thoſe whom the ſword ſhall leave, the famine and peſtilence ſhall find out, and I will bring a nation ſuch as was not in my land ſince the viſitation in Ireland. The Tun and moon ſhall be concerned as they were at the time when Iſrael a- venged themſelves on their enemies. All this I had in the viſion of light. 28. Another time I ſaw a man coming to me, who ſaid He had no great commiſſion at the time, only, the devil had taken his journey to excite and ſtir up the inſtruments who were to accompliſh the deſolating ſtroke and fall of Antichriſt in this land. 29. Feb. 9. After the ſame manner I heard one laying, I will drive this generation in my anger, as the ſmoke of a furnace is driven which no man can gather or bring back where it was; for I will make their aſhes like a furnace that burneth, which when it is paſt, men go and look into the furnace, and can ſee nothing but ashes ; 'for the moſt part of this generation make a mock at all my warnings of judgments, but they shall all be accomplished within a few years, as I have told thee in ſome warnings before, Jan. 13. Theſe ſins, breach of covenant, and Satan's fins which caſt him out of heaven, &c. As the ſame time, I ſaw