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[ 15 ] ſaw a man as with a drawn ſword in his band, who laid, I am come down to take peace from the earth and to pro- Claim war againſt Antichriſt, &c. by Michael and his an gels with this ſword, with which I have given him one ſtroke already, And I heard another angel crying with a loud voice, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils; Rev. xiv. 8. &c, For Antichriſt hath aſſumed to himſelf a name of being Chriſt's Vicar, which is Chriſt's equal: whereas I have no equal neither will have any man have that name on earth. I will root out Anti- chriſt, and it hall be with him as with the world at the laſt day, when I ſhall diſſolve it into nothing, it ſhall nev- er take root again, which I will ſhortly accompliſh. 30. Feb. II. While I lay upon my bed, about two of the clock afternoon, the viſion of light appeared ſo great, that I shooght there was no houſe above me, only clothes, and I heard a voice faying, As I am in heaven, and thou upon earth lying upon thy bed, I will give this generation a ſtroke that all the doctors on earth cannot cure, Then I apprehended a man walking by me with a feal in his band, and he ſtood ſtill, and lifted up his 'right hand, and ſwore by him that liveth for ever and ever, That he had often foretold, but they would not believe, but mocked at all the warnings, neither wilt thou believe thyſelf; but theſe that will not believe I will tread as mite in the ſtreets, which ſhall be accompliſhed in a few years. I had alſo in clear letters laid before me, Fight and overcome, three times repeated. And another ſaid, What ſhall we do? To whom it was replied, He that will not fight, ſhall not 31. Feb. 17. Near ſun-ſetting. I was ſurprized with a great light, and while I fat beholding it, one appeared to me ſaying, I will tell thee the meaning of the light, it is to let the world ſee it is not by natural light all theſe things are revealed to thee ; for I have taken away the teſfer-light and given thee the greater inſtead thereof; I have found thee faithful in proclaiming my commiſſions, which liath been withſtood by ſome in the place; but be they great or ſmall that withſtand thee, go thou on in fulflling the name of a commiſſioner, 'left I call thee by a more dread- ful name, and as a thou has diſcovered great things I will shew the greater things which thou shalt deliver alſo. That