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[ 16 ] That ſame night I was awaked from ſleep with a great light I ſaw as if the clouds had been open, and in a bright cloud I heard a voice ſaying, Glory be to our God, that is our God upon the throne, and to the Lamb which hath taken unto thee thy great power and bath reigned, who hath judged the great whore that ſitteth upon many waters, which hath made the kings of the earth drunk, with the wine of her fornication, as ſhe hath made them drunk with the cup, ſo I will make all the kingdoms of the world with the blood of her deſtruction. And I heard another ſay, Thou haft rightly judged her, for ſhe delighted in the blood of thy ſervants, and thou haſt given her blood to drink. Then I heard a great lamentation, mourning and crying, to which while I liſtned, it was ſaid, I will tell thee what that great cry meaneth, 'It is the deſtruction of theſe who received the mark of the beaſt on their right- hand and foreheads. Then there appeared to me a vaſt field of ſtain men, which none could number, and their blood running upon the earth. Then I ſaw as it were a throne erected in heaven, and on it one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to his feet, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle, ſaying, Rejoice over her ye heavens, and ye prophets and holy apoſtles, for God. hath avenged you upon her. And a mighty angel took up a ſtone like a milſtone and caſt it into the ſea, ſaying, Thus with violence hall that great city Babylon be thrown down to be found no more at all. 32. Feb. 21. It was laid before me in printed letters, That the Lord was about to plead with Antichriſt for the blood-ſhed of his ſervants by him, ſince he had a beginning which he would inſtance in theſe nations following, Ger- many, Bohemia, Piedmont, France, Spain, Britain, and Ireland, and particularly the bloody houſe of Auſtria, and for what was done in the Netherlands, which was made de folate not for their own quarrel but for mine, becauſe they would not deny me; and acknowledge the Pope to be head* of my church. At the ſame time it was ſaid, I will raze the kingdom of Spain as the top of a rock that hath neither's food for man nor beaſt, but I will firſt bring him to Bri- tain to avenge me of mine enemies, and for the injuries done me and my church there, and then I will take the sod and throw it in the fire, and curſed be that man, that refuſed: