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Harvey's eyes opened, looked into mine, and his voice murmured weakly: "My love!"

We stayed what was left of that night with the doctor. I explained our fantastic costumes by saying we'd been to a fancy dress party, up on the Island and had just returned to Harvey's house when it was struck by lightning.

By then of course the whole town knew of the fire.

"Likely the same bolt that struck your husband," the doctor said. "Never heard of a thunder storm before, this time of the year; strange unseasonable weather."

Only Harvey and I knew there had been no lightning when he had been smitten, only the burning force that had been in me.

The doctor and his wife fixed us up a with clothes and we left the next day for Locust Valley. I still wore the emerald necklace but the girdle reposed in Harvey's pocket. The other had gone with the God. As we crossed the bridge over Shinnecock Bay, Harvey pulled over to the rail, looked down at the water below, and took out the girdle. "Shall I?" he asked, holding it poised in the window.

I looked at its unearthly beauty and then nodded. A quick throw and it was gone—far below the swirling waters.

I took off the necklace, detached the hanging stone and then gave it to Harvey. "The one stone I will keep but the rest must go." While we held these things there was always danger. They were the last link with my Godhead, and we could not keep them for fear they might prove once more a pathway.

"It's gone!" Harvey said. There was no regret in his voice, though he had thrown away a fortune. I put my hand in his.

"Are you happy, Harvey?"

"Happier than I dreamed," Harvey smiled. "I have my Goddess and my love, and they are both one."

I looked at him and knew I had no regrets for my lost Godhead. I would never be a Goddess again, but I would live and die with the man I loved.

Harvey leaned over and our lips met. And that instant I knew that my life really began.

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