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bruised. So the one pursued the other as a murderer ; and his defence was, that he was a cheat and a scorner of his house, until the truth was found out. 6. About this time, the French king sent, and demanded from the king of England, three men of different qualities. The first was to be a mighty strong man ; the second a very wise man ; and the third, a very great fool; so that he might have none in all France to match them. So, accordingly there were two men chosen ; the ono a strong man, and the other a very wise man, but George was to act as the fool ; nevertheless he was the teacher of the other two. On their way to France George asked the strong man, what will you answer the French king, when he asks if you be a strong man? Why, says he, I'll say I am. Then says George, he'll possibly get a stronger man than you, who will kill you, and affront your country: what shall I say then, said the strong man? - Why, says George, tell him you are strong enough untried. Then says he to the wise man, and what will you say to the king when he asks if you are a wise man? Why I'll toll him I am, and answer him all the questions I know :- Very well, says George, but what if he asks you what you do not know? then you'll affront your country, and be looked upon as a greater fool than me; well, and what shall I answer then ? said the wise man. Why, says George, tell him he is only a wise man that can take care of himself : and I shall come in after you, and take care of you altogether. As soon as they arrived at the king of Franco's palace, the king sent for them, to try them The strong man was first called for, and in he went; then the king asked him if he was a strong man ? to which he answer- ed, O king! I am strong enough untried. Very well, said the king. After him the wise man was called ;