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afraid to venture, or if he did, he would never see him again alive; therefore he desired an agreement with the drover, who at first seemed unwilling, but the captain putting it in his will, the drover quit him for half the sum. This he came to through George's advice. 8. George was met one day by three bishops, who paid him the following compliments; says the first, good-morrow, father Abraham; says the second, good- morrow father Isaac; says the third, good-morrow father Jacob. To which he replied, I am neither father Abraham, father Isaac, nor father Jacob but I am Saul, the Son of Kish, sent out to seek my father's asses, and, lo ! I have found three of them. Which answer fully convinced the bishops that they had mistaken their man. 9. A poor scotchman dined ono day at a public house in London upon eggs and not having the money to pay, got credit till he should return. The man boing lucky in trade, acquired vast riches; and after some years happening to pass that way, called at the house where he was owing the dinner of eggs. Having called for the innkeeper, he asked him what he had to pay for the dinner of eggs he got from him such a time? The landlord seeing him now rich, gave him a bill of several pounds; telling him, as his reason for so extravagant a charge, that these eggs bad they been hatched, would have been chickens : and these laying more eggs would have been more chickens; and so on multiplying the eggs and their product, till such time as their value amounted to the sum charged. The man refusing to comply with this demand, was charged before a judge. He then made his case known to George, his countryman, who promised to appear in the hour of cause, which he accordingly did, all in