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lady flying in a passion sots oft, and would never coun tenance him any more. The young gentleman being sadly vexed at this affront given to him by George, sent him a challenge to fight him, appointing day and place where they were to meet. Being to fight on horse- back, George gets an old stiff horse, and for harnessing covers him about with blown bladders, with small stones in each, without either sword or spear; and away to the field he goes, where the duel was appointed. So when George saw his enemy coming against him, all in glittering armour, armed with sword and spear, he made up to him with all the speed his horse could carry him; when the small stones in the bladders made such a rattling noise, that the gentleman's fine gelding would not stand the battle, but ran away, and threw his master to the ground; which caused all the spec- tators to laugh, and say, the gentleman was more fool than George. The gentleman being still more enraged at this second affront, he would fight with George on foot; but his friends persuaded him that it would be no honour for him to fight and kill the king's fool; and far less to be killed by the fool. So they were advised both to agree. But the gentleman would try another exploit with George, for to have it said he was still the cleverest man, viz:—To hold him a jumping-bout publicly, the next day thereafter. With all my heart, says George, and we will end in and about where we began, they not knowing his meaning in this. The place and hour being set where they were to meet next morning. George, in the night time, caused a deep pit to be made, and the earth of it carried away: then filled it up with dung from a p———, and covered it over with green turf, that it might not be known by the other ground. So, according to promise, they both met in the morning against the appointed time. Now