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the sons of Los who are elemental and joyous. They demand that spiritual life, delight, and not merely intellectual destruction, be attached to experiences, and claim this because joy is among their privileges. (6-24.)

Every son of Enitharmon shall have his temporary, as well as his spiritual joy, and sport by night, the time of experience, as well as war in propagation by day, the time of inspiration. Orc is bound to earth to become visible by night, and crowned with the vine that he may have the lesser or natural intoxication as well as the spiritual exaltation. (25-29.) The vine is also the symbol of binding, of universal brotherhood by sympathy, especially when used in the highest sense,where it applies to the sympathy through Imagination, and is called Christ, the True Vine.

Orc rose, and manifesting himself as a naming demon, Enitharmon descended into his light, the feminine puts on desire, experience yearns, earth shares the joy known before to the distant heavens, the male or spiritual potencies. (26-34.)

Enitharmon in her energetic, Orc-like desires, will seek to make this delight of space dominate the delights of time, or state or mood. Then woman must have dominion. " The desire of the man is for the woman ; the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man."

She calls Rintrah and Palamabron, the Southern and Eastern unvegetated sons of Los, the most masculine potencies, and bids them (as Whitfield and Wesley, see "Milton," p. 20, 1. 55) tell the world that woman's love (including its fullest indulgence) is sin. They are to preach the resurrection of the mortal, not that of the spiritual, body, into an allegoric heaven, itself a symbol of existence, not an existence. Then joy being forbidden, the male potency may be weakened, the female that rejoices in secrecy may be strengthened. Thus the body's nets will catch and hold the spirit's powers.

Palamabron is bid to bring Elynitria, the arrow-shooting female chastity that repels, until regenerated by sympathy