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Chronological Summary

720 b. c. Ten Tribes transplanted by Sargon.

606–588 b. c. Remaining two Tribes exiled to Babylon.

536 b. c. Cyrus sends Jews back to Jerusalem.

175 b. c. Maccabean rebellion.

70 a. d. Destruction of the Temple.

1563. Joseph Nasi colonizes Tiberias.
Jews from Spain and Portugal at Safed.

1799. Napoleon promises to give the Holy Land to the Jews.

1800–6. Pamphlets by Bickeno, Witherby, and Mayer.

1827. Sir Moses Montefiore's first visit to Palestine.

1838. Lord Shaftesbury suggests to Palmerston the settlement of the Jews in Palestine.

1843. The Association for Promoting Jewish Settlements in Palestine (afterwards the Palestine Colonization Fund).

1843. The Society for the Promotion of Jewish Agricultural Labour in the Holy Land.

1874. Sir Moses Montefiore's seventh and last visit.

1878. The Anti-Semite movement begins in Germany.

1880. Anti-Jewish pogroms begin in Russia.

1882. Pinsker's pamphlet, Auto-Emancipation, leads to the foundation of the 'Chovevi Zion' (Lovers of Zion).

c. 1888. Baron Edmond de Rothschild begins to establish agricultural colonies in Palestine.

1896. Theodor Herzl's pamphlet, A Jewish State.

1897. First Zionist Congress at Basle. The Basle Programme drawn up.

1901. Abdul Hamid refuses to grant a charter for a Jewish settlement in Palestine.

1903. Joseph Chamberlain offers territory in Uganda to the Zionists.

1904. Death of Herzl.

1905. The Uganda offer is declined by the Seventh Congress.

1913. Eleventh and latest Zionist Congress.

1917. Declaration by David Alexander and Claude Montefiore on a Jewish National State.

1917. Mr. Balfour promises to facilitate 'the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people'.

1918. Conquest of Palestine by General Allenby.
Zionist Commission sent to Palestine.