Parliamentary Notice, January 2, 1868

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Parliament House,

Ottawa, 2nd January, 1868.

53. All applications for Private Bills, properly the subjects of legislation by the Parliament of Canada, within the purview of "The British North America Act, 1867," whether for the erection of a Bridge, the making of a Railroad, Turnpike Road, or Telegraph Line; the construction or improvement of a Harbour, Canal, Lock, Dam, or Slide, or other like work ithe granting of a right of Ferry; the incorporation of any particular Trade or calling, or of any Banking or other joint stock Company: or otherwise for granting to any individual or individuals any exclusive or peculiar rights or privileges whatever, or for doing any matter or thing which in its operation would affect the rights orproperty of other parties, or relate to any particular class of the community; or for making any amendment of a like nature to any former Act,—shall require a Notice, clearly and distinctly specifying the nature and object of the application, to be published as follows, viz:

In the Province of Quebec—A notice inserted in the Official Gazette, in the English and French languages, and in one newspaper in the English and one newspaper in the French language, in the District affected, or in both languages if there be but one paper ; or if there be no paper published therein, then (in both languages) in the Official Gazette, and in a paper published in an adjoining District.

In any other Province—A notice inserted in the Official Gazette, and in one newspaper published in the County, or Union of Counties, affected, or if there be no paper published therein, then in a newspaper in the next nearest County in which a newspaper is published.

Such notices shall be continued in each case for a period of at least two months during the interval of time between the close of the next preceeding Session and the consideration of the petition.

54. Before any Petition praying for leave to bring in a Private Bill for the erection of a Toll Bridge, is presented to the House, the person or persons intending to petition for such Bill, shall, upon giving the notice prescribed by the preceding Rule, also, at the same time, and in the same manner, give notice of the rates which they intend to ask, the extent of the privilege, the height of the arches, the interval between the abutments or piers for the passage of rafts and vessels. and mentioning also whether they intend to erect a drawbridge or not, and the dimensions of the same.


Clk. Senate.


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