Peggy Guggenheim, New York, N.Y. letter to Betty Parsons, New York, N.Y., 1947 May 5

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May 5 (1947)

Miss Betty Parsons
15 East 57 Street
New York City

Dear Betty:

This is to confirm our conversation about Jackson Pollock. I am very pleased that you are going to take him on in your gallery and give him a show next winter. From now on he will bring his work to you will sell it taking the usual one third discount and remitting the other two thirds of the sales to me. Before leaving I will send you some of his unsold paintings of the past few years and I will give you all the data necessary concerning him when ever you like. Please let me [sic] knwo when I can send the paintings to you. Either late May or the first days of June.

yours sincerely,
Peggy Guggenheim

[Hand-written PostScript] Please write to me to confirm this agreement

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