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PENKETHMAN, JOHN (fl. 1638), accountant, professed, in addition to his ordinary business, ‘to translate old manuscripts or bookes in any kind of Latin (according to the qualitie of the subject) into English, Prose or Verse.’ In 1638 he published ‘Artachthos; or a new booke declaring the Assise or Weight of Bread,’ &c., London, 1638, 4to.; another edition, London, 1748, 4to. A proclamation of 19 Nov. of that year conferred upon him the special privilege of printing and publishing this work for twenty-one years, ‘in recompense of his pains and expense,’ and ordered that the assize of bread should be observed in accordance with it. Different parts of the work were reprinted separately in 1638 and 1745. Penkethman also published:

  1. ‘A Handful of Honesty, or Cato in English Verse, &c. By J. P., Lover of Learning,’ London, 1623, 8vo.
  2. ‘The Epigrams of P. Virgilius Maro,’ 1624, 8vo.
  3. ‘Onomatophylacium; or the Christian Names of Men and Women, now used within this Realm of Great Britaine, alphabetically expressed, as well in Latine as in English,’ &c., London, 1626, 8vo.
  4. ‘Additions to Hopton's Concordancy. Conteyning Tables of the Gold Coynes now currant, with their due weights,’ &c., London, 1635, 8vo.

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