Poems (Coates 1916)/Volume II/L'Amour Fait Peur

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For other versions of this work, see L'Amour fait Peur.


A COWARD is man, yet a hero
Whose will overmasters his fear,
Till peril no longer appals him,
And danger itself groweth dear.
Poised and strong, asking no intervention,
He hazards the rock and the shoal;
One only thing halts his pretension,—
Love frightens the soul.

Self-disciplined, slowly but surely,
Disaster accustomed to brave,
He makes a companion of sorrow,
Nor falters at threat of the grave;
Nay, often would hold it at nearer
Approach, a beneficent goal—
But, ah! with the thought of one dearer,
Love frightens the soul!