Poems for the Sea/The Prophet's Vision

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He look'd, and from the Temple gate
   Where the bright orient glow'd,
Fast by the altar's hallow'd base
   A stream like chrystal flow'd.

Bathing the feet, that limpid spring
  With gentlest murmur crept,
Then deepening to a bolder flood
   In fearless current swept.

Till, spreading out, a river broad
   In strong, translucent tide,

Those mighty waters, rushing, roll'd,
   And foil'd the swimmer's pride.

Oh! vision of the glorious fount
   Which the meek Hand that fell
Transpierc'd, on Calvary's fatal cross,
   Brought forth a living well,

True symbol of the Gospel's course,
   Didst thou that Prophet cheer,
Who erst on Chebar's lonely banks
   Shed the pale captive's tear?

On that blest river's banks we dwell,
   We drink its healing tide,
So, like the trees Ezekiel saw
   His vision'd flood beside,

May we with fresh, unfading leaf
   Each changeful season dare,
And still the fruits of faith renew
   Till Heaven's pure clime we share.