Poems of Felicia Hemans in Forget Me Not, 1829/Lights and Shades

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From The Museum of Foreign Literature and Science, Vol. 13, December 1828,
page 707

The Forget Me Not, page 120


The gloomiest day hath gleams of light;
    The darkest wave hath bright foam near it;
And twinkles through the cloudiest night
    Some solitary star to cheer it.

The gloomiest soul is not all gloom;
    The saddest heart is not all sadness;
And sweetly o'er the darkest doom
    There shines some lingering beam of gladness.

Despair is never quite despair;
    Nor life, nor death, the future closes;
And round the shadowy brow of Care,
    Will Hope and Fancy twine their roses.
F. H.

Lights and Shades was set to music by E. F. Nielsen as a vocal trio (S. A. B.).
Included in The Sacred Musical Offering , C. H. Purday, 1832.