Poems of Felicia Hemans in Forget Me Not, 1829/The Spell

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From The Museum of Foreign Literature and Science, Vol. 13, December 1828,
page 725

The Forget Me Not, page 180

From the Forget Me Not.


There's such a glory on thy cheek,
    And such a magic power around thee,
That, if I would, I could not break
    The spell with which thine eyes have bound me.

Though all my stubborn heart rebel
    Against the thraldom of thy frown,
The tameless spirit thou canst quell,
    And keep the bursting madness down.

I vainly struggle to be free;
    I rouse that withering pride in vain,
Whose blight might change my love for thee
    To fiery hate, or cold disdain.

I loathe my very soul, that bears
    To drink thy poisonous love-draughts up,
Until my frenzied spirit swears
    To dash to earth the dazzling cup.

Yet every effort of my heart
    To cast thee off but draws thee nearer;
And rage and agony impart
    A venom-charm, that makes thee dearer.
F. H.