Poems of Letitia Elizabeth Landon (L. E. L.) in Forget Me Not, 1826/Choice

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Now take thy choice, thou maiden fair,
      Of the gifts thy lovers bring;
The one has brought thee jewels rare,
      The other flowers of spring.

The maiden watched the rubies glow,
      And wreathed them in her hair;
But heavy they prest upon her brow,
      Like the weight of secret care.

The gems that bound her forehead high,
      Might have lighted a diadem;
Yet pale grew her cheek, and dim her eye—
      Her heart was not with them:

And ever an inward pulse would stir,
      When she saw a spring flower wave;
But never again did they bloom for her,
      Till they bloomed upon her grave!

She was borne to her grave with purple pall,
      And scutcheon, and waving plume;
One followed—the saddest one of all—
      And threw flowers over her tomb.

L. E. L.