Poetic Edda/Gróttasöngr

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[Hengjekjeft he was called, the farmer, that the round stone Grotte gave to Frodi: «that grind and mill, that's how it mill about, the round stone.» But in Denmark, no one could drag Grotte.]

1. Now in is come
to king's house,
two wise maidens,
Fenia and Menia.
But by Frodi,
Fridleiv's son,
been taken as thralls,
the wise maidens.

2. To the millstone
they both were led,
and the stone grey
they starts to grind;
they neither rest
or comfort gain,
before he sound
from maidens heard.

3. A shriek from the stone
then they song:
«Let's line up log's
and lift the stone.»
Ask he the maids
to mill finally.

4. They song and swung
and dangle the stone,
but Frodi's men
nearly all fell asleep.
Then mill Menia,
grind she did:

5. «We gold grind thee Frodi,
gold and glory,
given of everything,
on the wishstone;
sits he on gold,
sleep's he on down,
waken he fresh,
then good is grinded.

6. Here shall never
men inflict harm
on one another,
evil do or kill.
The sword shall
in sheath rest,
if one his brothers bane
he find tied up.»

7. And first of all
these words he uttered:
«Sleep not longer
than the halls' gowk's,
or than while one
song I learn.»

«You was not, Frodi,
full-wise the time
when thralls thou boughtest;
strength you see
and measure,
but of kin
you never ask.

9. Stout was Rungne
and his father,
yet was Tjatsi
stronger than they;
Ide and Orne
our relations are,
the mountain-wise brothers
from whom we are born.

10. Not was Grotte
from the grey rock,
or hard stone
from the earth,
not carved
Jotun maids like this;
we don’t know
how the rock was made.

11. Grow we did
in winters nine
and kid's playing
deep down in earth.
Of great achievements
stood he, wise;
then we roll
the plate onward.

12. Along Jotun homes
we monumental rocks knock down;
the landslides gushed
down the slopes.
The stone-mill
we throw out,
and in man's
hands it gave.

13. But we later
in Svitjod's land,
the wise two,
in battle line went,
split mails
and shields,
went right through
grey-coated armies.

14. We support gave one
and not the other;
Godtorm the good
we supported.
Not did we sit
before Knui fall.

14. We stayed in the game
the whole year,
our works
is widely known;
spear spilled
rivers of blood,
and it ran from
wound red on sword.

15. Now something comes
to the king’s house,
but no consolation
to thralls given,
filth eats the chair;
a cold wind blows.
It's no joyride
at Frodi to peace-mill drag.

17. Now my hand rest,
now the mill stop!
I have grinded the end,
my work is done.»
«It's not finish yet,
before complete
Frodi thinks.

18. Grind giant hands,
hard helmets,
and bloodstained weapon!
Wake up now, Frodi!
Wake up now, Frodi!
If listen you will
on our song
and old tails.

19. Fire I see
burn east of castle,
that’s warning that burns,
and messengers runs.
Army comes
hasty running,
fire they set
in the king’s castle.

20. Not longer you
own the Leire-chair,
the red rings
and the wealth-mill.
Take the pole,
sister, harder!
It’s not hot still
of the blood from the caldera.

21. Daughter of my father,
there you grinded hard,
but you saw crowds
of giants fall.
There runs the large
poles away,
iron-made break
- lets grind some more.»

22. FENIA:
«Lets grind:
Yrsa's son shall
Halfdan's murder
avenge on Frodi.
He may name her son,
and his brother to,
we both know this.»

23. Then they grinded
and power used,
young they was given
the Jotun-wisdom.
They shaken poles,
and log's broken,
brake’s the hard millstone
in pieces two.

24. And the Jotun maiden
one word then said:
«More grind
you not need;
full-long sat we, Frodi,
with the mill.»