Poetic Edda/Völuspá II

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1. For the sound I pray
all the children,
great and small,
sons of Heimdallr.
Wilt thou that I, Valfather,
well recount,
ancient history of men,
the first I remember?

2. I remember Iotna,
early born,
those who in old
foster me have.
Nine homes I remember,
nine wooded rooms,
wise tree bright,
before ground below.

3. In times of old
then Ymir build;
was sand, not sea,
no gelid waves;
earth may exist,
not upper heaven,
was ginian gap,
but grass nowhere.

4. Ere Bur's sons
the burden lifted,
they who the eulogized
Mid gard created.
Sun shone from the south
on the temple rocks,
the ground grows
with green onions.

5. Sun shone from the south,
moons companion,
the right hand
around the heavens rim.
Sun knew not
what temples she had,
stars knew not
what places they had,
moon knew not
what power he possessed.

6. Then went reigns all
to their smoking seats,
the high-holy gods
held council:
Night and descendant
they gave names,
morning they named,
and midday,
afternoon and eve;
years to count.

7. Are Aesir to be found
on Ida's plain?
Hörg and Hof
they timbered high,
craftsmen created,
and blacksmiths,
tongs they fashion
and tools made.

8. At tables played at home
joyous they were,
to them was naught
the lack of gold.
To three there came
Thursa maidens,
from Iotun homes.

9. Then went reigns all
to their smoking seats,
the high-holy gods
held council:
Who should the Dwarfs,
the kings' men create,
from oceans blood
and the blue calves.

10. There was Motsognir,
greatest of creations,
greatest of Dwarfs,
but Durin second.
Manlike creations
many they did,
Dwarfs from earth
as Durin said.

11. Nyi, Nithi,
Nordri, Sudri,
Austri, Vestri,
Althiofr, Dvalin,
Bivur, Bavur,
Bumbur, Nori,
Án and Anar,
Ai, Miodvitnir,

12. Veigr and Gandalfr,
Vindalfr, Thrain,
Theccr and Thorin,
Thror, Vitr and Litr,
Nár and Nyrathr,
now have I Dwarfs,
Regin and Radsuidr,
rightly mention.

13. Fili, Kili,
Fundin, Nali,
Hepti, Vili,
Hanar, Svior,
Frar, Hornbori,
Fregr and Loni,
Aurvangr, Iari,

14. Measure is the Dwarfs
in Dvalin's flock
the men of lions,
and Lofars count.
There they went
from temples rocks,
to Aurvanga shoots,
and earth dwellings.

15. There were Draupnir,
and Dolgthrasir,
Hár, Haug, Spori,
Hlevangr, Gloi,
Scirvir, Virvir,
Skafithr, Ai.
Alfr and Yngvi,
Fialar and Frostri,
Finr and Ginar;
known shall be
while people lives,
long-fathers reckoning
the Lofars have.

16. To three there came
from the land
this high and mighty
Aesir to the house.
Found they on land,
less mighty,
Asc and Emblo
void of destiny.
Mind they not own,
reflection they had not,
no vision nor cover
or colour fine.

17. Mind gave Othin,
reflection gave Henir,
vision gave Lodur,
and colour fine.

18. Ash I know standing,
named Ygdrasill,
a lofty tree, laved
with limpid water:
Thence comes dew
that in dales fell;
stands always over
the green Urdar’s well.

19. Thence comes maidens,
much knowing,
three of them sea,
is under tree standing;
Urd hight the one,
the second Verthandi,
they ash-tablets graved,
Skuld hight the third.

20. They laws made,
they life selected,
all the children
they destiny say.

21. She dispute in remember,
the first in the home,
when they Gullueig
with Geirom supported,
and in Hárs hall
they burn her.

22. They three times burn
the three times born;
often, not seldom,
yet still she lives.

23. Heidi she hight,
was to the house come
the wise volva.
Woken she neighbours,
magic she knew,
magic she joyfully,
friendly always
for angry maidens.

24. Then went powers all
to their smoking-seats,
the high-holy gods
held council:
Whether Aesir should
sacrifice offer,
or should gods all
the guilds own.

25. Spear throws Odin
and shoots in the flock;
then there was war,
the first in the home.
Broken was board-wall
in Aesir-fortress,
war proclaims Vanir,
on plain running.

26. Then went reigns all
to their smoking seats,
the high-holy gods
held council:
Whom had ear all
with evil mixed,
or the Iotuns
Oth's made given?

27. Only Thor reacts,
filled with anger;
seldom he sits
when hearing things like this.
Broken was oaths,
words and promises,
the mighty pledges
between them made.

28. Knows she hidden
is Heimdal’s sound
under the holy
high rising tree.
Over is pored
large waterfalls
from Valfather's pawn.
Understand ye yet, or what?

29. Alone she sat without
when the oldthere came,
Ygióngr, that Aesir-fellow,
and in her eye he gazed:
«What wouldst thou ask me?
Why temptest thou me?
I know all, Odin,
where your eye fell
in the mighty
well of Mimi»
Mead drinks Mimir
every morning
from the pawn.
Understand ye yet, or what?

30. Selected her Herfather
rings and gold,
riches wisely,
that she wisdom tell.
Saw she far and wide,
of the world all.

31. See she Valkyries
far was coming,
ready to ride
to the great land.
Skuld hold shield,
but Scaugul another,
Gunr, Hildr, Gaundul,
and Geirscaugul.
Now is counted
the nun's of Herians,
Valkyries ready
to ride the land .

32. I saw for Baldri,
the blood of Tivar,
Odin's child,
destiny follow.
Stood he grown up,
high over field,
lean and soft,
the bright mistletoe.

33. Was of the injury,
that hit him mildly,
harm-flying badly;
Hauthr was shooting.
The brother of Baldr
was born ere long,
and one night old
fought Odin's son.

34. His hands he washed not,
his hair he combed not,
till he bore to the fire
Baldr's foe.
But Frig she cried
in Fensalom
over the act in Valhallar.
Understand ye yet, or what?

35. In chain saw she lying
in the spring grove,
the guileful-like
Loka to perceive.
Sits there Sigyn;
but much happiness
she don’t have.
Understand ye yet, or what?

36. River falls east,
through venom dales,
with scissors and sword;
Slithr is its name.
Stood before the north,
on Anita's plain,
a hall made of gold,
for Sindr's kin.
Another stood
in Ukolni,
the Iotun's bior-hall
which Brimir hight.

37. Hall she sees standing,
far from the sun,
at Na strand;
north turns the door,
falls venom-drops
in from the roof,
and it's under the hall
entwined with serpents.

38. She there saw wading
the sluggish streams,
bloodthirsty men
and murderous wolfs,
and those who confuse
the ears of a female friend.
There suck Nidhogr
corpses, forward going;
the wolf tears beings.
Understand ye yet, or what?

39. In the east sat the old,
in Ironwood,
and fostered there
Fenris children.
Just one of these,
of all of them,
becomes the moon-thief
in troll's guise.

40. Fills the foreshore
with dead men,
reddens reigns abode
with red gore;
black was sunshine
the summer after,
the weather unsafe.
Understand ye yet, or what?

41. Sat there on a pile
and played his harp,
the maidens’ warder,
joyfully Egther.
Resound around him,
in gosling forest,
bright red rooster
that Fialar is named.

42. Resound around Aesir
and wakes yeoman's
hinge at Heriafather.
Another yell
before earth below:
soot-red rooster,
in the halls of Heliar.

43. Barks Garmr load
before Gnipahelli,
the leash may break,
and Freki then runs.
Much knowledge she have,
forth I see longer,
about reign seats;
the mighty council.

44. Brothers may fight
and fell each other,
may sisters' sons
kinship stain;
hard is in the home,
whoredom severe;
axe-age, sword-age,
shields will be split,
wind-age, wolf-age,
ere the world falls;
no men will
each other spare.

45. Plays Mims sons,
but fate awakes
from the broken
resounding horn;
load blows Heimdallr,
the horn is raised.
Grind then Odin
with Mims head,
a feeble sound of aged tree;
the Iotun is loos,
trembles Ygdrasil's
ash yet standing.

46. Barks Garmr load
before Gnipahelli,
the leash may break,
and Freki then runs.

47. Hrymr slide to the east,
have linden in front,
turns Iormvngandr
in Iotun mode.
Worm bundle waves
and eagle screams,
beak tear foul corpse,
nail track is loosened.

48. Keel's journey to the east,
comes may Muspellz
of lawful lands,
but Loki steer's.
Goes unlawful men
with Freka all;
they with brother of
villager Leipz on their course.

49. What's with the Aesir?
What's with the Elf’s?
Resound all Iotun homes;
Aesir are at the council,
stand the Dwarfs
before the stony door,
rock-wall wise.
Understand ye yet, or what?

50. Surtr journey south,
with burning evil,
shines from swords
the sun on Valtifa.
Stone castle clashes,
still werewolf journey,
throng tails on Hell-road,
then heaven cloven.

51. Again the grief
arises in Lin
when Odin goes
with the wolf to fight,
and Belia's fair slayer
seeks out Surti;
for there must fall
the joy of Frig.

52. Then comes the high
Sigfathers son,
Vidar, and shall
the wolf war give.
In Kvedrung's son
his sword pierced
to the heart;
avenged was his father.

53. Then comes the bright
son of Hlodyn,
goes Othin’s son
to fight the wolf;
slay he the mighty
Midgard’s guardian.
May werewolf's all
from homesteads clear;
walks steps nine
Fiorgyn's son
faintly from the serpent;
contumely female beast.

54. The sun darkens,
earth in ocean sinks,
from heaven trembles
bright stars.
The raging reek
with age to linger
plays load heat
with heaven itself.

55. Barks Garmr load
before Gnipahelli,
the leash may break,
and Freki then runs.

56. She sees arise
a second time
earth from ocean,
beauteously green.
Waterfalls descending,
eagle flying over;
she from mountains
captures fish.

57. Are Aesir to be found
on Ida's plain?
Of moulded pinewood
long they speak,
and of Fimbultys
ancient runes.

58. Then may again
golden tablets
in the grass be found,
which in days of old
they had possessed.

59. Unsown then
the fields will grow,
evil be amended;
Balder is coming.
Hauthr and Baldr dwell
in Hroptz victory-hall,
well with Valtivar.
Understand ye yet, or what?

60. Then may Henir
by lot wood choose,
and farmsteads build,
brothers both
in wind home wide.
Understand ye yet, or what?

61. She a hall see standing
brighter than sun,
with gold bedecked,
in Gimlé.
There shall good people
household build,
and in long time
happiness enjoy.

62. Then comes the gloomy
dragon flying,
serpent from below,
from Nitha hills.
Bears in feather corpse,
flying over plain;
Nithhaugr now pale.
Now may she sink..

1 Hliods bið ec
allar kindir
meiri oc miNi
mavgo | heimdallar
vilðo at ec ualfa/þr
uel fyr telia
forn | spioll fíra
þa/ er fremst um man.

2 Ec man iotna |
ár um borna
þa er fordom
mic fǫdda hofdo
nio man æc heima |
nío iviþi
miot uið mǫraN
fyr mold nedan.

3 Ar uar alda
þar | er ymir bygði
vara sandr nę sęr
ne sualar uNir
iorð faNz | ęva
ne upp himin
gap uar giNvnga
eN gras hvergi.

4 Adr bvrs | synir
bioðom um ypðo
þeir er mið garð
mǫran scopo.
sol scein | suNan
a salar steina
þa var grvnd groin
grǫnom lauki. |

5 Sol varp svNan
siNi mana
hendi iNi hǫgri
vm himin iodyr |
sol þat ne uissi
huar hon sali atti
stiornor þat ne visso
hvar | þęr staði atto
mani þat ne vissi
hvat hann megins atti.

6 Þa gen|gengo regin oll
ara/k stola
giNhęilog god
oc vm þat gęttvz |
nott oc niþiom
na/fn vm gafo
morgin heto
oc miðian dag
vn|dorn oc aptan
árom at telia.

7 Hittoz æsir
a ida uelli
þeir | er ha/rg oc hof
afla la/gðo
a/ð smiðoþo
tangir | scopo
oc tol gorðo.

8 Teflðo itvni
teitir voro
var þeim vettergis |
vant or gulli.
vNz III. qvomo
þursa meyiar
amatkar | mioc
or iotvn heimom.

9 Þa g. r. a. ar.

hverr scyldi duerga |
drotin scepia
or brimis bloði
oc or blam leGiom.

10 Þar mot|sognir
mǫztr vm orðinn
dverga allra
eN dvriN aNaR
þeir man|licon
morg vm gorðo
dvergar or iorðo
sem dvriN sagdi.

11 Nyi | oc niþi
norðri oc suðri
a/stri oc uestri
alþiofr dvaliN.
biv|a/R bava/R
ba/mbuR nori
án oc anaR
ai mioðvitnir.

12 Veigr | oc gandalfr
vindalfr þraiN
þeccr oc þoriN
þror vitr oc litr | [1]
nár oc nyraþr
nv hefi ec dverga
regiN oc raðsuidr
rett | um talþa.

13 Fili kili
fvndiN. nali.
hepti. vili
hanaR svi|oR.
frar hornbori.
fregr oc loni.
a/rvangr. iari

14 Mal er dverga
idvaliNs liði
liona kindom
til lofa|rs telia.
þeir er sotto
fra salar stæini
a/rvanga sia/tt
til | ióro valla.

15 Þar var dra/pnir
oc dolgþrasir
hár ha/g spori |
hlevangr gloi.
scirvir. virvir.
scafiþr. ai.
alfr oc yngvi |
fialaR oc frostri
fiNr oc giNaR.
þat mvn vppi ||
meþan a/ld lifir
langniþia tal
lofars hafat.

16 Vnz þriár qvomo |
or þvi liþi
a/flgir oc astgir
ęsir at hvsi.
fvndo alandi
litt | megandi
asc oc emblo
a/nd þa/ ne átto
óþ þav | ne ha/fðo
la ne leti
ne lito goða.

17 Aund gaf oþiN
oþ | gaf hęnir
la gaf loðvR
oc lito goða.

18 Asc ueit ec standa |
heitir yGdrasill
hárbaðmr ausiN
huíta aúri.
þan coma | da/Gvar
þęrs idala falla
stendr ę yfir grǫN
vrðar brvNi. |

19 Þaðan coma meyiar
margs uitandi
þriar or þeim
er und | þolli stendr
vrð héto eina
aðra verþandi
scáro asciði
scvld | ena þriðio.

20 Þęr la/g la/gðo
þęr líf kvro
alda bornom
ór|la/g seGia.

21 Þat man hon folc uíg
fyrst iheimi
er gvll ueig |
geirom stvddv
oc iha/ll hárs
hana brendo.

22 Þrysvar brendo |
þrysvar borna
opt osialdan,
þo hon eN lifir.

23 Heidi hána | heto
hvars til hvsa com
uólo vel spá
uitti hon ganda
seið | hon kvNi
seiþ hon leikIN
ę var hon angan
illrar brvðar. | [2]

24 Þa g. r. a. a.

huart scyldo ęsir
afrað gialda
a scyldo goðin | a/ll
gildi eiga.

25 Fleygði oðiN
oc ifolc um scá/t
þat var eN folc | vig
fyrst ihęimi.
brotiN var borð uegr
borgar asa
knatto | vanir uigspa
uollo sporna.

26 Þa g. r. a.

hverir hefði lopt | alt
lęvi blandit
a ętt iotvns
oþs mey gefna.

27 Þorr eiN | þar var
þrvngin moði
hann sialdan sitr
er hann slict vm fregn
age|ngoz eiðar
orð oc sęri
mál a/ll megin lig
er amedal fóro. |

28 Veit hon heimdalar
hlioð vm folgit
undir heiðvonom
helgom | baðmi.
á sér hon a/saz
a/rgom forsi
af ueði val fa/drs
uit|oþ er en e. hvat.

29 Eín sat hon uti
þa er iN aldni com
yGióngr | asa
oc ia/go leit.
hvers fregnit mic
hvi freistiþ min
alt | ueit ec oðiN
hvar þv a/ga falt [3]
ienom męra
mimis | brvNi
dreckr mióð mimir
morgin hverian
af veþi v.
v. e. e. h. |

30 Valþi henne herfa/ðr
hringa oc men
fe spioll spaclig
oc spa | ganda
sa hon uitt oc vm vitt
of verold hveria.

31 Sa hon valkyr|ior
vítt vm komnar
ga/rvar at riða
til goðþioðar.
scvld | helt scildi
enn sca/gul a/Nor
gvNr. hildr ga/ndul
oc geir || sca/gul.
nv ero talþar
na/Nor herians
gorvar at ríþa
grvnd | valkyrior.

32 Ec sa baldri
blodgom tivor
odins barni
or log | folgiN
stóð vm vaxiN
vollo hęri
miór oc mioc fagr
mistilteiN. |

33 Varð af þeim meiði
er mer syndiz [4]
harmfla/g hęttlig
ha/þr | nam scióta.
baldrs broðir
vár of boriN snęmma
sa nam oþins | sónr
ein nęttr vega.

34 Þo hann ęva hendr
ne ha/f kembþi
aþr | a bál vm bar
baldrs andscota.
en friG um grét
ua | val hallar. [5]
v. e. e. e. h.

35 Hapt sa hon liGia
undir hvera lundi
lę |giarn lici
loca aþeckian.
þar sitr sigyn
þeygi vm sinom
ver | velglyioð
v. þ. e. h.

36 A fellr a/stan
um eitr dala
sa/xom oc sverþom |
sliþr heitir sv.
stod fyr norðan
aniþa vollom [6]
salr or gvlli
sin|dra ettar.
enn aNaR stoð
a okolni
bior salr iotvns
en sa brimir | heitir.

37 Sal sa hon standa
solo fiáRi
na strondo a
norþr hor|fa dyR.
fello eitr dropar
iN vm lióra
sa er undiN salr
orma | hryGiom.

38 Sa hon þar vaþa
þvnga stra/ma
menn meinsvara [7]
oc morð vargar. |
oc þaN aNars glepr [8]
eyra rvno
þar svg niþ | ha/Gr
nái fram gengna
slęit vargr vera
v. e. e. e. h.

39 Avstr sát | in aldna
i iarn uiþi
oc fǫddi þar
fenris kindir.
verþr af þeim | a/llom
eiNa noccorr
tvngls tivgari
itrollz hami.

40 Fylliz fior|vi
feigra manna
ryþr ragna siót
ra/ðom dreyra
svart var þa sol | scín
of svmor eptir
veþr oll valynd
v. e. h.

41 Sat þar a ha/gi |
oc sló ha/rpo
gygiar hirþir
gladr eGþęr.
gól vm hanom
igagl | viþi
fagr ra/dr háni
sa er fialaR heitir.

42 Gól um asom
sa uecr ha/lþa
at hiarar at heriafa/drs.
eN aNaR | gelr
fyr iorð neðan
sót rá/þr háni
at sa/lom heliar.

43 Geyr | garmr mioc
fyr gnipa helli
festr mvn slitna
eN fre|ki reNa
fiolþ veit hon frǫða
fram se ec lengra
vm rag|na ra/c
ra/m sigtyva.

44 Broþr mvno beriaz
oc at ba/Nom | verþa
mvno systrvngar
sifiom spilla
hárt er i heimi
hór | domr micill
sceGa/ld scalm a/ld
scildir ro klofnir
vinda/ld | varga/ld
r verold steypiz
mvn engi maþr
oðrom þyrma. |

45 Leica mims synir
eN miotvðr kyndiz
at en galla
gial||lar horni
hatt blęss heimdallr
horn er alopti
męlir oðiN |
við mims ha/f | [9]
ymr iþ aldna tre
eN iótvN losnar
scelfr yGdrasils
ascr st|andandi.

46 Geyr nv g.

47 Hrymr ekr a/stan [10]
hefiz lind fyr
sn|yz iormvngandr
i iotvn moði.
ormr knyr vNir
eN ari hl|accar
slitr nai nef fa/lr
nagl far losnar.

48 Kioll feR a/s|tan
koma mvno mvspellz
vm la/g lydir
eN loki styrir
fara | fifls megir
m freka allir
þeim er brodir
by leipz ifór. [11]

49 Hvat er | m asom
hvat er m alfom
gnyr allr iotvn heimr
ęsir ro aþin|gi
stynia dvergar
fyr stein dvrom
veG bergs visir
v. e. e. h.

50 Surtr | feR svNan
m sviga lefi
sciN af sverþi
sol valtífa.
griot bi|org gnata
eN gifr rata
troþa halir helveg
en himin clofnar. |

51 Þa cǫmr hlinar
harmr aNaR fram
er oðiN feR
við ulf vega |
en bani belia
biartr at surti
þa mvn friGiar
falla angan | tyr.

52 Þa kǫmr iN micli
ma/gr sigfa/dur
víðaR vega
at val dy|ri.
letr hann megi hvedrvngs
mvnd vm standa
hiór til hiarta |
þa er hefnt fa/dur.

53 Þa kǫmr iN mǫri
ma/gr hlodyniar
gengr | oþins sonr
vid ulf vega
drepr hann af moþi [12]
miðgarz uęor |
mvno halir allir
heim stǫd ryþia
gengr fet nío
fiorgyn|iar bvR
neppr fra naðri
niðs oqviðnom.

54 Sol ter sortna |
sigr fold imar
hverfa af himni
heiðar stiornor.
geisar eími |
viþ aldr nara
leicr har hiti
uið himin sialfan.

55 Geyr n. |

56 Ser hon upp koma
a/ðro siNi
iorð or ęgi
iþia grǫna.
falla | forsar
flygr a/rn yfir
sa er afialli
fisca ueiðir.

57 FiNaz | ęsir
aiþa velli
oc vm mold þinvr
matkaN dǫma
oc a fimbvl | tys
fornar rvnar.

58 Þar mvno eptir
vndr samligar
gvll|nar ta/flor
igrasi fiNaz.
þers i ardaga
attar hofðo. |

59 Mvno osanir
acrar uaxa
ba/ls mvn allz batna
baldr | mvn coma.
bva þeir ha/þr oc baldr
hroptz sigtoptir
vel val|tivar
v. e. e. h.

60 Þa kna hǫnir
hla/t viþ kiosa
oc byrir | byGia
brǫdra tveGia.
vind heim vidan
v. e. e. h

61 Sal ser | hon standa
solo fegra
gvlli þacþan
þar || scolo dyGvar
drottir byGia
oc vm aldr daga
ynþis niota. |

62 Þar kǫmr iN dimmi
dreki flivgandi
naþr fraN neþan
fra | niþa fiollom.
beR ser ifioþrom
flygr va/ll yfir
niþha/Gr | nai
nv mvn hon seyqvaz.


The text starts with the word Hliods, and no title is given in the source.

  1. ^ A name is missing after Litr.
  2. ^ brvðar written þioðar with brv written over þioð.
  3. ^ After a/ga is written þitt, but this is underlined as wrong.
  4. ^ In syndiz the d is added above the line.
  5. ^ ua written uorþr, with or and r underlined, and with a over or.
  6. ^ vollom written fiollo with v over fi, which is underlined, and line over o.
  7. ^ Written m (with line over) morð vargar | meins vara oc (wrong word order); a line with two dots under over morð, and a line with one dot under over meins shows the right word order.
  8. ^ þaN written þaNz, but z is, as it seems, deleted (or worn?).
  9. ^ After ha/f is the following words deleted: ymr iþ aldna tre eN iótvN losnar scelfr.
  10. ^ No dot over Hrymr, but a dot over a/ in a/stan; Guðbrandr Vigfússon assumed the writer wanted to change a/stan to vestan 'east to west', but forgotten to insert e after v.
  11. ^ by leipz, not byleips.
  12. ^ hann written h.