Poetic Edda/Völuspá III

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1. For the sound I pray all the holy children, great and small, sons of Heimdallr. Wilt thou that I, Vafather, well recount, ancient history of men, the first I remember?

2. I remember Iotna, early born, those who in old foster me have. Nine homes I remember, nine Iotun maids, wise tree bright, before ground below.

3. In times of old then Ymir build; was sand, not sea, no gelid waves; earth may exist, not upper heaven, gap was ginian, but grass nowhere.

4. Ere Bur's sons the burden lifted, they who the eulogized Midgard created. Sun shone from the south on the temple rocks, the ground grows with green onions.

5. Sun shone from the south, moons companion, the right hand around the heavens rim. Sun knew not what temples she had, stars knew not what places they had, moon knew not what power he possessed.

6. Then went reigns all to their smoking seats, the high-holy gods held council: Night and descendant they gave names, morning they named, and midday, afternoon and eve; years to count.

7. Are Aesir to be found on Idauelli? Crafts they fashion, much they attempted; craftsmen created, and blacksmiths, tongs they fashion and tools made.

8. At tables played at home joyous they were, to them was naught the lack of gold. To three there came Tussa maidens, all-powerful, from Jotunhomes.

9. Then went reigns all to their smoking seats, the high-holy gods held council: Who should the Dwarfs, the kings' men, create, from oceans blood and the blue calves.

10. There was Modsognir, greatest of creations, greatest of Dwarfs, but Durinn second. Manlike creations many they did, Dwarfs from earth as Durinn said.

11. Nyi, Nidi, Nordri, Sudri, Austri, Vestri, Althiofr, Dualinn, Naar and Nainn, Nipingr, Dainn, Ueggr, Gand, Alfr, Uindalfr, Thorinn.

12. Bifur, Bafur, Bumbur, Nori, An and Onar, Ai, Miodvitnir, Thrar and Thrainn, Thror, Litr and Vitr, Nyr and Nyradr, now have I warriors, Reginn and Radsvidr, rightly mention.

13. Fili, Kili, Funndin, Nali, Hefti, Fili, Hanar and Svidr, Nar and Nainn, Nipingr, Dáinn, Billingr, Bruni, Billdr and Buri, Fror, Fornbogi, Freg and Loni.

14. Aurvangr, Iari, Eikin, Skialldi. Measure is the Dwarfs in Dualin's flock the men of lions, and Lofars count. There they went from temples rocks, to Orvanga shoots, and earth dwellings.

15. There were Draufnir, and Dolgthraser, Har, Haugspori, Hlevargr, Gloinn, Scirfir, Virvir, Skafidr, Ai, Aalfr and Yngvi, Eikinskialldi.

16. Known shall be while people lives, long-fathers reckoning the Lofars have.

17. To three there came, Thussa maidens, this high and mighty Aesir to the house. Found they on land, less mighty, Asc and Emblo void of destiny. Mind they not own, reflection they had not, no vision nor cover or colour fine.

18. Mind gave Odinn, reflection gave Henir, vision gave Lodur, and colour fine.

19. Ash I know standing, named Yggdrasill, a lofty tree, laved with limpid water: Thence comes dew that in dales fell; stands always over the green Urdar’s well.

20. Thence comes maidens, much knowing, three from the hall, under the tree stands; Urd hight the one, the second Verdandi, they ash-tablets graved, Skulld hight the third.

21. They laws made, they life selected, all the children they destiny say.

22. Then went reigns all to their smoking seats, the high-holy gods held council: Whom had ear all with evil mixed, or the Iotuns Od's made given?

23. Only Thorr reacts, filled with anger; seldom he sits when hearing things like this. Broken was oaths, words and promises, the mighty pledges between them made.

24. Knows she hidden is Heimdallar’s sound under the holy high rising tree. Over is pored large waterfalls from Valfather's pawn. Understand ye yet, or what?

25. In the east sat the old, in Ironwood, gave birth there to Fenris children. Just one of these, of all of them, becomes the moon-thief in troll's guise. Fills the foreshore with dead men, reddens reigns abode with red gore; black was sunshine the summer after, the weather unsafe. Understand ye yet, or what?

26. She dispute in remember, the first in the home, when they Gullueig with Geirum supported, and in Hars hall they burn her. They three times burn her, the three times burned, the three times born, often, not seldom, yet still she lives.

27. Heidi she hight, was to the house come the wise volva. Woken she neighbours, magic she knew, magic she joyfully, friendly always for angry maidens.

28. Then went powers all to their smoking-seats, the high-holy gods held council: Whether Aesir should sacrifice offer, or guilds all belong to the gods.

29. Spear throws Odinn and shoots in the flock; then there was war, the first in the home. Broken was board-wall in Aesir-fortress, war proclaims Vanir, on plain running.

30. Then Vala the tie of misery turns, better done hard was tide with guts. Sits there Sigyn; but much happiness she don’t have. Understand ye yet, or what?

31. Barks Garmr load before Gnupa helli, the leash may break, and Freki then runs. Forth I see longer, much I can tell about reign seats; the mighty Sigtiva.

32. Sat there on a pile and played his harp, the maidens' warder, joyfully Egdir. Resound around him, in gosling forest, bright red rooster that Fialar is named.

33. Resound around Aesir Gullin kambi, and wakes yeoman's hinge at Heria father. Another yell before earth below: soot-red rooster, in the halls of Heliar.

34. Hall she sees standing, far from the sun, at Nastrondu; north turns the door, falls venom-drops in from the roof, and it's under the hall entwined with serpents.

35. She there saw wading the sluggish streams, bloodthirsty men and murderous wolfs, and those who confuse the ears of a female friend. There suck Nidhoggr corpses, forward going; the wolf tears beings. Understand ye yet, or what?

36. Barks Garmr load before Gnipahelli, the leash may break, and Freki then runs.

37. Brothers may fight and fell each other, may sisters' sons kinship stain; hard is in the home, whoredom severe; axe-age, sword-age, shields are cloven.

38. Wind-age, wolf-age, ere the world falls; the ground roars, the werewolf's runs, no men wills each other spare.

39. Plays Mims sons, but fate awakes from the aged resounding horn; load blows Heimdallr, the horn is raised. Grind then Odin with Mims head.

40. Trembles Yggdrasil's ash yet standing, a feeble sound of aged tree; the Iotun is loos, Hasty they all went on the road to Hel, before still Surt's friend it swallows.

41. What's with the Aesir? What's with the Elf’s? Resound all Iotun homes; Aesir are at the council, stand the Dwarfs before the stony door, rock-wall wise. Understand ye yet, or what?

42. Barks Garmr load before Gnipa helli, the leash may break, and Freki then runs.

43. Hrymr slide to the east, have linden in front, turns Iormungandr in Iotu mode. Worm bundle waves and eagle screams, beak tear foul corpse, Naglfar is loosened.

44. Keel's journey to the east, comes may Muspellz of lawful lands, but Loki steer's. Goes unlawful men with Freka all; they with brother of Byleipz on their course.

45. Surtr journey south, with burning evil, shines from swords the sun on Valtifa. Stone castle clashes, still werewolf journey, throng tails on Hell-road, then heaven cloven.

46. Again the grief arises in Hlin when Odin goes with the wolf to fight, and Belia's fair slayer seeks out Surt; for there must fall the joy of Frigg.

47. Barks Garmr load before Gnipa helli, the leash may break, and Freki then runs.

48. Gape high over chasm earth . . . . . . . . . g . ar worms . . edum . . . Odin's son worm mighty wolfe at . . . Vidar's . . . . . .

49. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .| may tail's al . . . . . . . . . ydia

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .||

50. [The sun] darkens, earth in ocean sinks, from heaven trembles bright stars. The raging reek with age to linger plays load heat with heaven itself.

51. Barks Garmr load before Gnipa helli, the leash may break, and Freki then runs.

52. She sees arise a second time earth from ocean, beauteously green. Waterfalls descending, eagle flying over; she from mountains captures fish.

53. Are Aesir to be found on Ida's plain? Of moulded pinewood long they speak, and recollect there the mighty concil, and of Fimbultys ancient runes.

54. Then may again wondrous golden tablets in the grass be found, which in days of old they had possessed.

55. Unsown then the fields will grow, evil be amended; Balldr may come. Hodr and Balldr dwell in Hroptz victory-hall, well with Valtivar. Understand ye yet, or what?

56. Then may Henir by lot wood choose, and farmsteads build, brothers both in Vindheim wide. Understand ye yet, or what?

57. She a hall see standing brighter than sun, with gold bedecked, in Gimle. There shall good people household build, and in long time happiness enjoy.

58. Then comes the mighty one to the judgment-seat, the high from above, who rules o'er all.

59. Then comes the gloomy dragon flying, serpent from below, from Nida. Bears in feather corpse, flying over plain; Nidhoggr now pale. Now may she sink..

1 Hlioðs bið ek allar helgar kindir meiri ok minni mǫgu heimdallar villtu at ek vafodrs vel | fram telia forn spiǫll fira þau er ek fremz vm man.

2 Ek man iǫtna ar vm borna þa er | forðum mik fædda hǫfðv: niu man ek heima niu iuidiur miǫtvið męran fyrir molld ne|ðan.

3 Aar uar allda þar er ymir bygði vara sandr ne sior ne svalar unnir iǫrð fannz ęfa | ne vpp himinn gap var ginnvnga enn gras ekki.

4 Aadr bors synir biǫðum of yptu þeir er | męran miðgarð skopu sol skeinn sunnan a salar steina þa uar grund groin grænum | lauki.

5 Sol uarp sunnan sinni mana hendiinni hægri of iodur sol þat ne uissi huar hon sali | atti stiǫrnur þat ne uissu hvar þær stadi attu mani þat ne vissi hvat hann megins | atti.

6 Þa gengu regin ǫll a rǫkstola ginnheilvg goð ok vm þat giettuz nott ok niðium nofn | vm gafu morgin hetv ok miðian dag vndvrn ok aptan arum at telia.

7 Hittuz æsir | a idauelli afls kostuðv allz freistuðu afla lǫgðu auð smiðuðu | tangir skopv ok tol giordu.

8 Tefldu itvni teitir uorv var þeim uettugis | vant or gulli unz þriar komv þussa meyiar amatkar miǫk or jǫtvn heimvm. |

9 Þa gengu regin ǫll a rǫkstola ginnheilug goð ok vm þat giættuz hverer skylldu duergar | drottir skepia or brimi bloðgv ok or blains leggium.

10 Þar uar modsognir męztr of | orðinn duerga allra enn durinn annaR þeir manlikan mǫrg of giorðv duerga i iǫrðu sem | durinn sagði.

11 Nyi niði norðri suðri austri vestri alþiofr dualinn. naar ok nainn | nipingr dainn ueggr gand alfr uindalfr þorinn.

12 BifvR bafvR bombvR nori an | ok onaR ai miǫðvitnir. þrar ok þrainn þror litr ok vitr nyr ok nyraðr nv hefi ek | rekka reginn ok raðsviðr rett vm talða.

13 Fili kili funndin nali hefti fili hanaR | ok svidR nar ok nainn nipingr dáinn billingr bruni billdr ok buri fror forn|bogi fręg ok loni.

14 Aurvangr iari eikin skialldi mal er duerga i dualins liði | liona kindum til lofars telia þeim er sottu fra salar steini ǫrvanga siǫt til iǫrv valla. |

15 Þar var draufnir ok dolgþraser har haugspori hlevargr gloinn scirfir virvir ska|fiðr ai aalfr ok yngvi eikinskialldi.

16 Þat man æ vppi meðan ǫlld lifir lang | niðia tal lofars hafat.

17 Vndz þriar komu þussa brudir astkir ok ǫflgir æser | at husi fundu a landi litt megandi ask ok emblv orluglausa ǫnd þau ne | attu oð þau ne hǫfdu la ne læti ne litv goða.

18 Ond gaf oðinn od gaf | hęnir la gaf loðvR ok litv goða.

19 Ask ueit ek standa heitir yggdrasill | har badmr ausinn huita auri. þaðan koma dǫggvar þers i dala falla | stendr æ yfir grænn vrðar brunni.

20 Þaðan koma meyiar margs vitan|di þriar or þeim sal er a þolli stendr. vrd hetv eina aðra verdandi ska|ru a skiði skulld hina þriðiu.

21 Þær lǫg logðu þær lif kuru all|da bǫrnum ǫrlǫg at segia.

22 Þa gengv regin ǫll a rǫkstola ginnheilugh | god ok um þat gięttuz hverr hefði loft allt levi blandit eðr ætt iǫ|tuns oðs mey gefna.

23 Þorr einn þar va þrunginn modi hann sialldan | sitr er hann slikt of fregnn a genguz eiðar orð ok ok særi maal ǫll | meginlig er a meðal voru. ||

24 Veit hun heimdallar hlioð um folgit undir heidvǫnvm helgum badmi a ser hon | ausaz ǫrgum forsi af uedi valfǫdrs uitu þer enn ęðr hvat.

25 Austr byr hin alldna i | iarnvidi ok feðir þar fenris kindir verðr af þeim ǫllum einna nokkur tungls t..|gari i trollz hami. fylliz fiǫrfi feigra manna ryðr ragna siǫt rauðum dreyra svort verda | solskin um sumvr eftir ueðr ǫll ualynd uitv þer einn enn ędr hvat.

26 Þat man hon folk|uig fyrst i heimi er gullueig geirum studdi ok i hǫll hars hana brendv þrysvar bren|dv þrysvar brendv þrysvar borna opt osialldan þo hon enn lifir

27 Heiði hana hetu huars | til hvsa kom ok vǫlu vel spa uiti hon ganda seid hon hvars hun kunni seid hon huglei|kin æ var hon angann illrar bruðar.

28 Þa gengv regin ǫll a rǫk stola ginnheilvg goð ok vm | þat giettuz huart skylldv æsir afrað giallda eðr skylldv guðin ǫll gilldi eiga. |

29 Fleygði oðinn ok i folk vm skaut þat var enn folkuig fyR i heimi brotinn var borð|veggr borgar asa knaattv vanir vig spa vǫllv sporna.

30 Þa kna vala vigbond sn|ua helldr voru harðgior hǫft or þǫrmum þar sitr sigyn þeygi vm sinum ver uel | glyiut vitv þer enn eða hvat.

31 Geyr garmr miǫk fyrir gnupa | helli festr man slitna enn freki renna framm se ek lengr | fiǫlð kann ek segia um ragna rǫk rǫmm sigtiva.

32 Sat þar a haugi ok | slo hǫrpu gygiar hirðir glaðr egðir gol yfir igalguiði fagr rauðr hani enn sa fia|laR heitir.

33 Gol yfir asum gullin kambi sa vekr hǫlda at heria fǫðrs enn annaR gelr | fyr iǫrð neðan sot rauðr hani at sǫlum heliar.

34 Sal sier hon standa solu fiaRi | nastrondu a norðr horfa dyR falla eitrdropar inn vm liora sa er undinn salr | orma hryggium.

35 Ser hon þar vaða þunga strauma menn meinsvara ok mordvar|ga ok þannz annars glepr eyrna runa þar savg niðhǫggr nai framgengna sleit | vargr vera vitv þer enn eða hvat.

36 Geyr nu garmr miok fyrir gn. h. f. man sl. enn f. |

37 Bræðr munu beriaz ok at bǫnum verðaz munu systrungar sifium spilla hart | er i heimi hordomr mikill skeggǫll skalmǫlld skilldir klofnir.

38 Vind ǫlld varg|ǫlld aðr verolld steypiz grundir gialla gifr fliugandi man eingi maðr oðrum þyrma. |

39 Leika mims synir enn miǫtvðr kyndiz at hínv gamla giallar horni hatt blęss | heimdallr horn er a lopti męler oðinn við mims hǫfut.

40 Skelfr yggdrasils askr | standandi ymr hid alldna tre enn iǫtunn losnar hrædaz allir a helvegum aðr surtar | þann sevi of gleypir.

41 Hvat er með asum hvat er með alfum gnyr allr iǫtun heimr | æsir eru a þingi stynia dvergar fyrir steindyrvm vegbergs uisir uitv þer enn eða hvat. |

42 Geyr nu garmr miok fyrir gnipa helli f. m.

43 Hrymr ekr austan hęfiz lind fyrir | snyz iǫrmungandr i iǫtunmoði ormr knyr unnir enn ari hlakkar slitr nai | niðfǫlr naglfar losnar.

44 Kioll ferr austan koma munu muspellz vm lǫgh | lyðer enn loki styrir farar fiflmegir með freka aller þeim er broðir byleistz | i ferd.

45 Surtr ferr sunnan með suiga lęvi skinn af suerde sol valtifa griotbiǫrg gnata | enn gifr rata troða haler helveg enn himinn klofnar.

46 Þa kemr hlinar harmr an|naR framm er oðin ferr við vlf vega enn bani belia biartr at surti þar man | friggiar falla angann.

47 Geyr nu garmr miǫk fyrir gnipa helli f. m.

48 Ginn loft yfer | giǫrð iarðar . eð . . . . . . . . g . ar orms . . edvm . . . oðins svn ormi męta uargs at . . . | uiðars . . . . . .

49 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | munu halir al . . . . . . . . . ydia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ||

50 [Sol] ter sortna sigr folld imar huerfa af himni heiðar stiǫrnur | geisar eimi ok alldrnari leikr har hiti v himin sialfan.

51 Geyr | [nu] garmr miǫk fyrir gnipa helli festr man slitna enn freki r. |

52 [Se]r hon vpp koma ǫðru sinni iǫrð or ægi iðia græna falla for|sar flygr ǫrn yfir sa er áa fialli fiska veiðir.

53 Hittaz æser i iða | uelli ok um molld þinur matkan dęma ok minnaz þar a megin | doma ok a fimbultys fornar runar.

54 Þa munu æser undrsam | legar gullnar tǫflur i grasi finna þærs i aardaga aattar hǫfðv. |

55 Munu osaanir akrar uaxa bǫls man allz batna man balldr ko|ma bua þeir hǫðr ok balldr hroptz sigtoftir vel uelltifar uí|tu þer enn eðr hvat.

56 Þa kna hęnir hlvtvið kiosa er burir byggia | bræðra tueggia vindheim viðan vitv þer enn ęðr hvat.

57 Sal ser | hon standa solu fegra gulli þaktan a gimle. þar skolo dyggvar | drottir byggia ok vm alldrdaga yndis niota.

58 Þa kemr hinn ri|ki at regindomi ǫflugr ofan sa er ǫllu ræðr.

59 Kemr hinn | dimmi dreki fliugandi naðr fraann neðan fra niða berr sier i | fiǫðrum flygr uǫll yfir niðhoggr nai nv man hon sǫkk|vaz.