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I N D E X.

Academy, The Free, Place of. (Misc.) 859
Agnosticism. (Editor's Table) 554
Agriculture, The Beginnings of. L. Bourdeau 678
Air, The Upper, Exploration of. (Misc.) 713
"Transportation of Dust in the. (Misc.) 711
Alcohol and Happiness, J. Gaule 28
Aluminum Violins. (Misc.) 430
America, The Peopling of. (Misc.) 428
American Association, Officers of the. (Misc.) 135
Analogies and Homologies, Some. W. T. Freeman 91
Ancient Use of Copper. (Misc.) 716
Animal Tinctumutants. J. Weir, Jr., M. D 388
Animals, Tropical, in Frost. (Misc.) 285
"in Sleep. (Misc.) 862
"that Live in Caves.* E. A. Martel 815
Antiquities, Virginian, Preservation of. (Misc.) 716
Ants, Sounds made by. (Misc.) 715
Apes, Human Characteristics in. (Misc.) 713
Arabs of the Hadramaut. (Misc.) 429
Arago's Work. (Misc.) 424
Archæological Relics, The Problems of. (Misc.) 568
Archæology at the University of Pennsylvania. (Misc.) 141
Armstrong, H. E. Scientific Method in Board Schools 614
Armstrong, Samuel Treat, M. D. The Serum Treatment of Diphtheria 512
Athletics for City Girls. M. T. Bissell 145
Atmosphere, the Primitive, The Composition of. (Misc.) 858

Babies and Monkeys. S. S. Buckman 371
Bacon's, Roger, Dream of Steam and of Air-ships. (Misc.) 569
Balch, Edwin Swift. The Highest Mountain Ascent and the Effects of Rarefied Air 668
Bear's, A White, Bath. (Misc.) 571
Bears, Polar, Habits of. (Misc.) 711
Biological Station, An Aquatic, in Illinois. (Misc.) 857
Birds change their Food? Do. (Corr.) F. L. Washburn 697
"Domestic, of the Chinese. (Misc.) 286
"Humming, as Carriers of Pollen. (Misc.) 574
"Migration of, (Misc.) 139
"Some of the "Outliers" among.* R. W. Shufeldt 760
Bissell, Mary Taylor, M. D. Athletics for City Girls 145
Bonfort, Miss Helene. Wellner's Sail-wheel Flying Machine* 627
Bookbinding: its Processes and Ideal. T. J. C. Sanderson 671
Books noticed 126
Books noticed 270
Books noticed 413
Books noticed 554
Books noticed 700
Books noticed 845
Adler, Hermann. Alternating Generations 419
Astor, John Jacob. A Journey in Other Worlds 273
Atwood, George E. Complete Graded Arithmetic 420
Ayres, Alfred. The Orthoëpist 272
Barlow, W. H. The Celestial Writing 565
Barret, J. P. Electricity at the Columbian Exposition 847
Behrens, H. A Manual of Microchemical Analysis 705
Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory. Observations made in 1893 564
Brough, William. The Natural Law of Money 129
Browning, Charles H., editor. The American Historical Register 277
Bumpus, Hermon C. Laboratory Course in Invertebrate Zoölogy 419
Burt, Edward A. A North American Anthurus 709
Butler, George P. School English 849
Bütschli, O. Investigations on Microscopic Foams and on Protoplasm 132
Carnegie, Douglas. Law and Theory in Chemistry 274
Carus, Paul. Fundamental Problems 847
Cattell, J. McKeen, editor. Science 703
Chanute, O. Progress in Flying Machines 132
Cheiro's Language of the Hand 562
Chute, H. N. Physical Laboratory Manual 849
Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station. Sixth Annual Report 853
Crooker, Joseph Henry. The New Bible and its New Uses 421
Dawson, George M. The Progress and Trend of Scientific Investigation in Canada 709
Day, David T. Tenth Annual Report of the Mineral Resources of the United States 564
Dickson, W. K. L. and Antonia. The Life and Inventions of Thomas Alva Edison 559
Dolbear, A. E. Matter, Ether, and Motion 419
Douglas, James. Canadian Independence, Annexation, and British Imperial Federation 419
Downie, James Walker, M. B. Clinical Manual for the Study of Diseases of the Throat 416
Dunham, W. R., M. D. The Science of Vital Force 420
Egyptian Book of the Dead, The 705
Ewing, J. A. The Steam Engine and other Heat Engines 130
Farmer, J. Bretland, editor. Science Progress 708
Fewkes, J. Walter. A Study of Certain Figures in a Maya Codex 278
Dolls of the Tusayan Indians 708
Fijnje van Salverda, J. G. W. Aërial Navigation 560
Fiske, John. A History of the United States for Schools 556
Flammarion, Camille. Popular Astronomy 558
Fox, T. W. The Mechanism of Weaving 709
Frankland, Percy and Mrs. Percy. Microorganisms in Water 128
Free Lance, A. Towards Utopia 700
Fundenberg, Elizabeth H. First Lessons in Reading 562
Gamble, Eliza Burt. The Evolution of Woman 275
Gannett, Henry. Manual of Topographic Methods 421
Gerhard, William Paul. Gas-lighting and Gas-fitting 420
Giberne, Agnes. Radiant Suns 706
Gibson, Prank M. The Amateur Telescopist's Handbook 418
Glazier, Willard. Headwaters of the Mississippi 420
Grotenfelt, Gösta. The Principles of Modern Dairy Practice 413
Hague, Arnold. The Great Plains of the North 708
— The Yellowstone Park 708
Harvard College. Annals of the Astronomical Observatory. Vol. XXXV 564
Heilprin, Angelo, editor. Around the World 709
Holt, L. Emmett, M. D. The Care and Feeding of Children 277
Hopkins, William J. Preparatory Physics 851
Houston, Edwin J. A Dictionary of Electrical Words, Terms, and Phrases 274
— Electricity One Hundred Years ago and To-day 703
Howe, Edward Gardnier. Systematic Science Teaching 270
Hunt, E. Geometry for Grammar Schools 419
Huxley, T. H. Collected Essays. Vols. VI, VII, and VIII 126
Interstate Commerce Commission. Sixth Annual Report on the Statistics of Railways in the United States 852
Irving, Roland Duer, and Charles Richard Van Hise. The Penokee Iron-bearing Series of Michigan and Wisconsin 415
Johnson, Bradley T. General Washington 127
Jordan, David Starr, and others. Factors in Organic Evolution 278
Lee, Fitzhugh. General Lee 557
Lefèvre, André. Race and Language 276
Lewis, Henry Carvill. Papers and Notes on the Glacial Geology of Great Britain and Ireland 130
Lloyd, Henry Demarest. Wealth against Commonwealth 273
Loney, S. L. Plane Trigonometry. Part II 564
Magazine of Travel, The 852
Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole. Biological Lectures 850
Marshall, Arthur Milnes. Biological Lectures and Addresses 557
— Lectures on the Darwinian Theory 848
Mason, Otis Tufton. Woman's Share in Primitive Culture 554
Maxwell, W. H. Introductory Lessons in English Grammar 562
— First Book in English 563
Miller, Olive Thorne. A Bird-lover in the West 561
Missouri Botanical Garden. Fifth Annual Report 277
Moore, Clarence B. As to the Copper from the Mounds of the St. John's River, Florida 708
— Certain Sand Mounds of the St. John's River, Florida 708
Nansen, Fridtjof. Eskimo Life 415
New Science Review, The 563
New York State Reformatory. Eighteenth Year Book 564
Newth, G. S. A Text-book of Inorganic Chemistry 706
Nichols, Edward L. A Laboratory Manual of Physics and Applied Electricity. Vol. I, 277; Vol. II 849
Ormsby, F. E. Planets and People 853
— The Book of the Play 853
— The Play of the Planets 853
Osborn, Henry F. From the Greeks to Darwin 845
Ostwald, Wilhelm. Manual of Physico-chemical Measurements 851
Our Animal Friends 853
Owen, Richard. The Life of Richard Owen 706
Palmer, Walter K. Mechanical Drawing 421
Paterson, Arthur. The Daughter of the Nez Perces 563
Pestalozzi, Johann Heinrich. How Gertrude teaches her Children 128
Pick, Albert. A Practical System of Studying the German Language 852
Plotton, J. Victor. Conversational Method in French 562
Preece, Louise. System of Physical Culture 851
Quatrefages, A. de. Les Émules de Darwin 278
Radcliffe, A. G. Schools and Masters of Sculpture 413
Ribot, Théodule. The Diseases of the Will 417
Robinson, Henry. Hydraulic Power and Hydraulic Machinery 133
Roy, M. Sewell, editor. The Epitome 563
Saville, M. H. Ceremonial Year of the Maya Codex Cortesianus 852
Scheiner, J. A Treatise on Astronomical Spectroscopy 127
Scott, D. H. An Introduction to Structural Botany 850
Scudder, Samuel Hubbard. Tertiary Rhacophorus Coleoptera of the United States 555
Shaler, N. S. Sea and Land 704
Shields, G. O., editor. Recreation 708
Shufeldt, R. W. Lectures on Biology 709
Silberstein, Solomon J. Six General Laws of Nature 132
Small, Albion W., and George B. Vincent. An Introduction to the Study of Society 131
Smithsonian Institution. Annual Report of the Board of Regents (1892-'93) 418
Spencer, William George. A System of Lucid Shorthand 272
Stokes, Anson Phelps. Joint-metallism 421
Storer, F. H., and W. B. Lindsay. An Elementary Manual of Chemistry 415
Thompson, Langdon S. Educational and Industrial System of Drawing 417
Thornton, John. Human Physiology 418
Thorpe, T. E. Essays in Historical Chemistry 131
Thwing, C. F. The College Woman 702
Trevert, Edward. How to build Dynamo-electric Machinery 133
Trimble, Henry. The Tannins. Vol. II 562
Tyler, William S. A History of Amherst College 707
United States Bureau of Ethnology. Tenth and Eleventh Annual Reports 271
— — Fish Commission Bulletin, Vol. XI 278
— — Bulletin, Vol. XII 560
— — Geological Survey. Bulletins Nos. 97 to 117 556
— — Twelfth Annual Report 275
— — Thirteenth Annual Report 416
— — National Museum. Report for 1891-'92 278
Van Norden, Charles. The Psychic Factor 847
Vickerman, Charles. Woolen Spinning 129
Wallihan, A. G. and Mrs. A. G. Hoofs, Claws, and Antlers of the Rocky Mountains by the Camera 555
Walsh, John H. Intermediate Arithmetic 420
Walsh, John H. Higher Arithmetic 420
Ward, Lester F. Principles and Methods of Study of Geological Correlation by Means of Fossil Plants 708
— Status of the Mind Problem 851
— The Political Ethics of Herbert Spencer 852
Warren, Miss Lillie Eginton. Defective Speech and Deafness 559
White, Charles A. The Relation of Biology to Geological Investigation 132
White, Emerson E. School Management 271
White, George Rantoul. An Elementary Chemistry 704
Willey, Arthur. Amphioxus and the Ancestry of the Vertebrates 564
Williamson, Benjamin. Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of the Stress and Strain of Elastic Solids 420
Winchell, Alexander. Walks and Talks in the Geological Field 562
Woollcombe, W. G. Practical Work in General Physics 848
Wright, Claude Falls. Modern Theosophy 420
Wright, Mabel Osgood. The Friendship of Nature 561
Zahm, Rev. J. A. Bible, Science, and Faith 129
Botany, The Utilitarian Side of. (Misc.) 567
Bourdeau, Louis. The Beginnings of Agriculture 678
Brown, Sanger, M. D. Responsibility in Crime from the Medical Stand-point* 154
Buckman, S. S. Babies and Monkeys 371

Cambodian Arithmetic. (Misc.) 566
Cary, Harriet Heyl. Studies of Childhood. (Corr.) 697
Casey, John F. Preparation for College by English High Schools 15
Caves, Negative Evidence from the. (Misc.) 138
Chemical Action, Mechanical Work and. (Misc.) 859
"Literature, Progress in Indexing. (Misc.) 426
Childhood, Studies of. J. Sully. IV. The Child's Thoughts about Nature 186
V. Psychological and Theological Ideas 348
VI. First Attacks on the Mother Tongue 433
VII. Later Progress in Language 781
Childhood, Studies of. (Corr). H. H. Cary 697
Cleaning, The Chemistry of. V. Lewes 101
Climate of Galveston. (Misc.) 861
"The Tropical. (Misc.) 712
Coals of Missouri, The. (Misc.) 137
Cobra, The, and other Serpent.* G. K. O'Reilly 67
College, Preparation for, by English High Schools. J. F. Casey 15
Commerson, Philibert, the King's Naturalist 112
Conpin, Henri. The Thorns of Plants* 498
Cowell, H. C. Blackwood. School Ethics 363
Crime, Responsibility in, from the Medical Standpoint.* S. Brown, M. D. 154

Darwinian Theory, The Royal Society and the. (Editor's Table) 553
Davis, W. M. The Ancient Outlet of Lake Michigan 217
De Ridder, P. J. Windmills and Meteorology 522
Dickinson, C. W., Jr. Copper, Steel, and Bank-note Engraving* 597
Diphtheria Antitoxine, More Facts about. (Editor's Table) 699
"The Serum Treatment of. S. T. Armstrong, M. D. 512
Disease, A, of Modern Life. (Editor's Table) 843
Disinfection of Scarlet-fever Patients. (Misc.) 856
Dogma, Back to. (Editor's Table) 122

Eastman, Charles A. The Sioux Mythology 88
Economics as a Branch of Education, (Misc.) 429
Educated Men, The Need of. D. S. Jordan 164
Education, Physical, Mental Growth through. (Misc.) 286
"Science in. (Editor's Table) 551
"the Higher, Women in. (Misc.) 570
Edwards, Prof., The Case of. (Editor's Table) 409
Electric Arc, The. (Misc.) 574
Electrical Theory, Progress of. (Misc.) 423
Ellis, A. B. On the Origin of Weeks and Sabbaths 329
Engineering Laboratory, In an. (Misc.) 575
"The Critical Faculty in. (Misc.) 428
Engraving, Copper, Steel, and Bank-note.* C. W. Dickinson, Jr. 597
Epidemics, A Lesson concerning. (Misc.) 427
Eskimos, A Day's Hunting among the.* F. Nansen 446
Ethics in Natural Law. L. G. Janes, M. D. 322
"School. H. C. B. Cowell 363
Evans, E. P. Pithecoid Man 183
Evolution, Brain Development as Related to. G. H. Scribner 525
Evolutionist, John Wesley an. (Misc.) 284
Exactness, The Test of. (Misc.) 569
Explosives, Flameless. (Misc.) 861
Eyesight, Effects of Occupation on. (Misc.) 572

Flight, Mr. Maxim's. (Misc.) 423
Flying Machine, Wellner's Sail-wheel.* Miss H. Bonfort 627
Food for the Gullible. (Editor's Table) 411
Forest Fires, The Lesson of the. B. Hubbard 586
Freeman, W. T. Some Analogies and Homologies 91

Gas, Illuminating, The Uses of. (Misc.) 567
Gaule, Justus. Alcohol and Happiness 28
Geographical Fields, Unexplored. (Misc.) 280
Geological Society, Meeting of the, in Baltimore. (Misc.) 855
"Survey, The United States. C. D. Walcott 479
"Work of the Atmosphere. (Misc.) 572
Geologies and Deluges. W. T. Sollas 245
Geology at the Brooklyn Meetings. (Misc.) 134
"The, of Natural Scenery. F. J. H. Merrill 240
Giraffe, The. (Misc.) 138
Glaciers, The, of Greenland.* A. Heilprin 1
Gore, J. Ellard. The Barometric Measurement of Heights 366
Gouraud, A, H. The Shad's Annual Pilgrimage 818

Hadramaut, The Valley of. (Misc.) 857
Hair Stimulants. (Misc.) 283
Halleck, Reuben P. The Personal Equation in Human Truth 792
Health, College Athletics and. (Misc.) 141
Heights, The Barometric Measurement of. J. E. Gore 366
Heilprin, Angelo. The Glaciers of Greenland* 1
Helmholtz's Tribute to Heinrich Hertz 182
Henderson, C. Hanford. Manual Training 48
Henderson, C. Hanford. Manual Training 799
Hertz, Heinrich, Helmholtz's Tribute to 182
Hubbard, Bela. The Lesson of the Forest Fire? 586
Hygiene of the Teeth. (Misc.) 283

Industry, An Old. M. H. Leonard 649
Infants, Hearing of. (Misc.) 712
Insane Kings, The, of the Bible. (Misc.) 429
Insanity, Communicated. G. W. Pilgrim 828
Ivory, Kinds of. (Misc.) 139

Janes, Lewis G., M. D. Ethics in Natural Law 322
Jordan, David Starr. Sketch of Charles A. Lesueur. (With Portrait) 547
"""The Need of Educated Men 164

Kindergarten, The Elements of Speech in the (Misc.) 856
Kishimoto, Nobuta. Shinto, the Old Religion of Japan 206
Knight, George Henry. Schoolroom Ventilation as an Investment 393

Labrador, The Grand Falls of. (Misc.) 282
Langley, John W. Some Material Forces of the Social Organism 502
Leaves, The Falling of the. (Misc.) 135
Leonard, Miss Mary H. An Old Industry 649
Lesueur, Charles A., Sketch of. (With Portrait). D. S. Jordan 547
Lewes, Vivian. The Chemistry of Cleaning 101
Lichtenthaler Collection, The. (Misc.) 137
Lung-tests, Two. F. L. Oswald 343

McClatchie, Alfred James. Biological Work in Secondary Schools 634
Magnetic Changes, Secular. (Misc.) 426
Man, Pithecoid. E. P. Evans 183
Manganese in Alabama. (Misc.) 424
Manual Training. C. H. Henderson 48
Manual Training. C. H. Henderson 799
Maps, Characteristics of. (Misc.) 718
Martel, E. A. Animals that Live in Caves* 815
Mashona Granaries. (Misc.) 860
Medicine, Preventive, Twenty-five Years of. Mrs. H. M. Plunkett 302
Merrill, Frederick J. H. The Geology of Natural Scenery 240
Meteorology, Windmills and. P. J. De Ridder 522
Michigan, Lake, The Ancient Outlet of. W. M. Davis 217
Miller, S. Millington, M. D. The "Mutual Aid Society" of the Senses* 640
"Missing Link," Discovery of a. (Misc.) 717
Mistaken Diagnoses. (Misc.) 573
Morgan, Appleton. The Successor of the Railway 750
Morse, Fred W. Redonda and its Phosphates 78
Mountain Ascent, The Highest, and the Effects of Rarefied Air. E. S. Balch 668
Mountains, The Atlas. (Misc.) 140
Mythology, The Sioux. C. A. Eastman 88

Nansen, Fridtjof. A Day's Hunting among the Eskimos* 446
Nasal Index, Value of the. (Misc.) 425
Naturalist, The Work of the. (Misc.) 717
Nature's Commerce. (Misc.) 571
"Triumph. J. Rodway 456
Nuttall, Thomas, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 689

Obituary Notes. Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand, von Helmholtz, Josiah Parsons Cooke, George Huntington Williams, H. K. Brugsch, Sir Edward Augustus Inglefield 144
Garrick Mallery, Terrien de Lacouperie, William Topley, N. Pringsheim 432
Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Peters, Francesco Denza, Arthur Cowper Ranyard, F. B. Hawkins, Lewis R. Gibbs 720
Marquis Louis Charles Joseph Gaston de la Saporta, Arthur Cayley 864
Ocean Currents, Importance of. (Misc.) 425
Olmsted, Denison, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 401
O'Reilly, G. R. The Cobra and other Serpents* 67
Organic Growth, Correlation of Factors in. E. Strasburger 397
Oswald, Felix L. Two Lung-tests 343

Packard, A. S. The Birth of a Sicilian Volcano* 577
Palæography. (Misc.) 281
Paleontological Riches of Texas. (Misc.) 424
Paulsen, Friedrich. The University as a Scientific Workshop 170
Personal Equation, The, in Human Truth. Reuben P. Halleck 792
Phosphates, Redonda and its. F. W. Morse 78
Pilgrim, Charles W., M. D. Communicated Insanity 828
Plants, Effects of Freezing on. (Misc.) 715
"The Senses of. (Misc.) 718
"The Thorns of.* H. Coupin 498
Plumbing, Old, Tests for. (Misc.) 573
Plunkett, Mrs. H. M. Twenty-five Years of Preventive Medicine 302
Political Authority, The Nature of. (Editor's Table) 268
Populist Logic. (Editor's Table) 124
Public Reservations in Massachusetts. (Misc.) 425
Pyburn, George, M. D. Sleep and Dreams. (Corr.) 697

Race, A Foot, Stilt, and Horse. (Misc.) 284
Races, Are Civilized, Superior? (Misc.) 568
Railway, The Successor of the. A. Morgan 750
Rayleigh, Lord. The Scientific Work of Tyndall 658
Rivers, Russian, Decrease of. (Misc.) 423
Rodway, James. Nature's Triumph 456

Salisbury, The Marquis of. Unsolved Problems of Science 33
Sanderson, T. J. Cobden. Bookbinding: Its Processes and Ideal 671
Sanitary Inspection of Schools. (Misc.) 137
Schools, Board, Scientific Method in. H. E. Armstrong 614
"Boarding, and Infection. (Misc.) 573
"Professional, Standards for. (Misc.) 136
"Secondary, Biological Work in. A. J. McClatchie 634
"Science." (Editor's Table) 700
Science Endowments in the United States. (Misc.) 862
"Unsolved Problems of. The Marquis of Salisbury 33
Scientific Truth, The Nature of. (Misc.) 427
Scribner, G. Hilton. Brain Development as Related to Evolution 525
Selections in Seed-growing. (Misc.) 280
Senses, The "Mutual Aid Society" of the.* S. M. Miller, M. D. 640
Serviss, Garrett P. Pleasures of the Telescope. II. In the Starry Heavens* 289
III. The Starry Heavens. (Continued)* 466
IV. Virgo and her Neighbors* 738
Shad's Annual Pilgrimage, The. A. H. Gouraud 818
Shells, Fresh-water, Dispersal of. (Misc.) 712
Shinto, the Old Religion of Japan. N. Kishimoto 206
Shufeldt, R. W. Some of the "Outliers" among Birds* 760
Silk, Marine. (Misc.) 284
Silver Work, Oriental. (Misc.) 142
Sleep and Dreams. (Corr.) G. Pyburn, M. D 697
"The Chemistry of. H. Wurtz 230
Smith, Mrs. Burton. The Mother as a Power for Woman's Advancement 622
Social Organism, Some Material Forces of the. J. W. Langley 502
Sociology, A School of. (Editor's Table) 270
"in the Universities. (Editor's Table) 698
Sollas, W. T. Geologies and Deluges 245
Starr, M. Allen. Some Curiosities of Thinking 721
Strasburger, Eduard. Correlation of Factors in Organic Growth 397
Study, Play and. (Misc.) 570
Sully, James. Studies of Childhood. IV. The Child's Thoughts about Nature 186
V. Psychological and Theological Ideas 348
VI. First Attacks on the Mother Tongue 433
VII. Later Progress in Language 781
Symbols. H. Zimmern 539
Sully's, Prof., Inquiries. (Misc.) 856

Tanning School, The, of Freiburg. (Misc.) 863
Telescope, Pleasures of the, G. P. Serviss. II. In the Starry Heavens* 289
— III. The Starry Heavens. (Continued)* 466
— IV. Virgo and her Neighbors* 738
Telpherage Lines. (Misc.) 714
Theosophist Logic no Better. (Editor's Table) 125
Thinking, Some Curiosities of. M. A. Starr 721
Thompson, Zadoc, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 262
Thought, Progressive. (Editor's Table) 410
"Widening. (Editor's Table) 841
Tradition, Value of. (Misc.) 860
Tyndall, The Scientific Work of. Lord Rayleigh 658

University Extension. (Misc.) 281
"of Texas, Prof. Edwards and the. T. D. Wooten. (Corr.) 409
"The, as a Scientific Workshop. F. Paulsen 170

Vanuxern, Lardner, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 833
Variation, A Discussion on. (Misc.) 566
Veblen, Thorstein. The Economic Theory of Woman's Dress 198
Ventilation, Schoolroom, as an Investment. G. H. Knight 393
Volcano, a Sicilian, The Birth of.* A. S. Packard 577

Walcott, Charles D. The United States Geological Survey 479
Walker, Sears Cook, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 116
Washburn, F. L. Do Birds change their Food? (Corr.) 697
Watch Schools, The Swiss.* T. B. Willson 62
Waves, Ocean, Height of. (Misc.) 861
Weather, An Old Book of the. (Misc.) 570
"Crop Service, The. (Misc.) 426
Weeks and Sabbaths, On the Origin of. A. B. Ellis 329
Weir, James, Jr., M. D. Animal Tinctumutants 388
Willson, Theodore B. The Swiss Watch Schools* 62
Winds, The Hot, of the Plains. (Misc.) 859
Woman's Advancement, The Mother as a Power for. Mrs. B. Smith 622
"Dress, The Economic Theory of. T. Veblen 198
Women Astronomers. (Misc.) 140
Wooten, Thomas D. Prof. Edwards and the University of Texas. (Corr.) 409
Wurtz, Henry. The Chemistry of Sleep 230

Zimmern, Miss Helen. Symbols 539