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Domesday survey

The record of the great survey of England completed in 1086, executed for William I of England, or William the Conqueror.Excerpted from Domesday Book on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Articles and works[edit]

  • Domesday Book disambiguation page
  • Notes on the churches in the counties of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, mentioned in Domesday Book
  • Webb, Philip Carteret (1700-1770) A short account of some particulars concerning Domes-day Book : with a view to its being published (1756)[1]
  • Kelham, Robert (1717-1808) Domesday book Illustrated[2]
  • Henry Penruddocke Wyndham Wiltshire, extracted from Domesday book: to which is added a translation of the original Latin into English. With an index, in which are adapted the modern names to the antient; and with a preface, in which is included a plan for a general history of the county (1788) [3]
  • Samuel Henshall (1764?-1807) Domesday : or, An actual survey of South-Britain, by the commissioners of William the Conqueror, completed in the year 1086 (1799) [4]
  • Bawdwen, William (1762-1816) Dom boc; part 1 (1809), part 2 (1812)
  • Ellis, Henry (1777-1869) A General Introduction to Domesday Book: Accompanied by Indexes of the Tenants-in-Chief, and Under-Tenants, at the Time of the Survey; As Well as of the Holders of Lands Mentioned in Domesday Anterior to the Formation of that Record; with an Abstract of the Population of England at the Close of the Reign of William the Conqueror, so Far as the Same is Actually Entered. London: G. Eyre & A. Spottiswoode, 1833. 2 v. [5]
  • William Reader, Domesday book, for the county of Warwick [6]
    Recherches sur le Domesday; ou, Liber censualis d'Angleterre, ainsi que sur le Liber de Winton et Le Boldon-Book (1842) [7]
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  • The Domesday of St. Paul's of the Year MCCXXII (1858) [11]
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  • Eyton, Robert William (1815-1881) A key to Domesday : showing the method and exactitude of its mensuration, and the precise meaning of its more usual formulae ; the subject being specially exemplified by an analysis and digest of the Dorset survey (1878) [16]
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The Domesday geography of England[edit]

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Biographies of persons mentioned in the Book[edit]

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Works about the Domesday survey[edit]

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