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Military Science

Top-level portal for class U: Military Science

Subclass U: General military science

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General military science covers common areas across all military fields. This ranges from the theoretical—such as history and philosophy—to the practical—such as tactics, strategy, logistics and training.

Child portals: Regret to InformWarsWeapons

Subclass UA: Armies

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Armies are the land based branches of the armed forces of many nations.

Child portals: British ArmyUnited States Army (1901–1903—Reforming the ArmyUS Army Lineage SeriesUS Army Lineage and Honors) • NATO

Subclass UB: Military administration

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Military administration covers the bureaucratic and policy aspects of the military; from recruitment and muster rolls, to minorities. This portal also includes indirect means or warfare such as intelligence, sabotage and propaganda.

Child portal: Conscription

Subclass UC: Maintenance and transportation

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Maintenance and transportation covers military equipment, storage and supply; as well as general transportation, including horses and mules. This portal also covers areas like barracks and clothing.

Subclass UD: Infantry

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Infantry is the branch of the army that fights on foot.

Subclass UE: Cavalry

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Cavalry is the branch of the army that fights on horses.

Subclass UF: Artillery

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Artillery is large weaponry, such as cannons and mortars, usually operated by a crew rather than a single individual. This portal covers training, use, ordnance and ballistics.

Subclass UG: Military engineering

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Military engineering is the work of designing and building military works and maintaining lines of military transport and communications. This covers the construction and destruction of structures like bridges, tunnels and fortifications; including the art of siege warfare. Also covered by this portal are signalling, lighting and armoured fighting vehicles.

Child portal: United States Army Corps of Engineers

Subclass UGA: Air forces

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Air forces are the air based branches of the armed forces of many nations, sometimes referred to as "air armies". This portal also covers military astronautics, or space warfare.

Child portal: United States Air Force

Subclass UH: Other military services

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Other military services covers areas auch as chaplains, medical services, public relations and military social work.

Child portal: War Correspondence

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