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Speeches Guidelines by Lee Robinson

I. Know what you want to say.

    a.  Enunciate clearly and audibly.  (Memorize well)
    b.  Pronounce words accurately in the language of the piece.
    c.  The meaning should be clear.  Use correct tone of voice to communicate true meaning.
    d.  Use silence.  Pause appropriately according to the grammar of the piece.
II.  Know your audience.
    e.  Note the author of the work.
    f.  Love your audience, seek to please them.
    g.  Keep the performance clean, demonstrate it is well practiced.
    h.  Give credit where credit is due.  Acknowledge any sources or help received. 
    i.  State the whole piece.  (Again, memorize well.)
    j.  Learn from other well known and admired speakers.