Proclamation on Abolition of Ranks of Notability dated 15 May 1942

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Seal of the Royal Command of Thailand


on Abolition of Ranks of Notability[1]

In the Name of His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol,

The Council of Regency

[Under the the Announcements of the President of the House of Representatives

dated 4 August, Buddhist Era 2480 (1937), and dated 16 December, Buddhist Era 2484 (1941)]:

Athit Thip Apha.

Gen Phichayenyothin.

Pridi Phanomyong.

Whereas His Majesty entertains an opinion that pursuant to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, section 12, a title creates no privilege to its holder and every person is equal before the law; that in former times, the titles have been divided into official ranks, ranks of notability and official positions; that the official ranks and that official positions have now been modified to befit the form of government under the Constitution, but only the ranks of notability are left unimproved; that no person shall incur any discrimination, for he holds no any rank of notability; that the persons holding the ranks of notability and those who do not must be equal under law; that many regular and irregular public officers holding the ranks of notability from high to low have now surrendered their ranks of notability, but many still retain them, bringing about certain unsystematic conditions and a mistaken belief that the holders of the ranks of notability still enjoy more special rights than others; and that for the purpose of eliminating the said mistaken understanding and implementing the provisions of the Constitution governing titles, it is desirable to abolish the ranks of notability which have already been given;

Be it commanded by the King's most Excellent Majesty that the ranks of notability, such as Chao Phraya, Phraya, Phra, Luang, Khun, etc., which His Majesty have conferred upon on any persons shall all be abolished from this time onward; prescribed that these persons are still alive on the date of this proclamation;

And that any holder of a rank of notability who wishes to retain such rank on personal grounds shall demonstrate those grounds to His Majesty and seek for his permission to continue to maintain the rank; prescribed that such permission will be granted if found fit;

And that any holder of a rank of notability who wishes to use the name of such rank as his first or last name, in memory of his decency in public office by which he has been bestowed with the rank and in order to be the blessings for himself or his family, are hereby allowed to so use; prescribed that he shall also make contact with the Ministry of Interior to further observe the proceedings required by the laws.

Done this 15th Day of May, Buddhist Era 2485 (1942); being the 9th Year of the Present Reign.

Countersigned by:
Field Marshal P. Phibunsongkhram,
Prime Minister.


  1. Published in the Government Gazette: volume 59/part 33/page 1089/19 May 1942.