Prout, John Skinner (DNB00)

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PROUT, JOHN SKINNER (1806–1876), watercolour painter, the nephew of Samuel Prout [q. v.], was born at Plymouth in 1806. He was chiefly self-taught. In 1838 he published 'Antiquities of Chester' and 'Castles and Abbeys of Monmouthshire.' After some time spent in Australia he took up his residence in Bristol, and associated with a little coterie of Bristol artists, which comprised Samuel Jackson. William James Muller, James Baker Pyne, H. Brittan Willis, George and Alfred Fripp, and other. Some of his Bristol drawings were republished in 1893 with letterpress description, under the title, 'Picturesque Antiquities of Bristol.' Prout afterwards came to London, and became a member of the Institute of Painters in Watercolours, and a constant contributor to their exhibitions. He died in London on 29 Aug. 1876. There are several of his drawings at the South Kensington Museum.

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