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The Puranas are the fourth set of Hindu religious scriptures. They were written c.400-1000. There are 18 Puranas, with six each rendered to members of the Hindu Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. They are also classified by the values they represent. Perhaps the best known Purana is the Srimad Bhagavata-Purana, with the Brahma Purana and Markandeya Purana close behind.

The following are the following 18 major puranas:

  1. Brahma Purana
  2. Padma Purana
  3. Vishnu Purana
  4. Skanda Purana
  5. Shiva Maha Purana
  6. Vamana Purana
  7. Markandeya Purana
  8. Varaha Purana
  9. Brahma Vaivarat Purana
  10. Agni Purana
  11. Bhavishya Purana
  12. Matsya Purana
  13. Garuda Purana
  14. Brahmananda Purana
  15. Shrimad Bhagavat Purana
  16. Kurma Purana
  17. Linga Purana
  18. Narad Purana

The following are the 18 minor puranas:

  1. .Sanatkumar purana
  2. .Narasimha purana
  3. .Brihannaradiya purana
  4. .Sivarahasya purana
  5. .Durvasa purana
  6. .Kapila purana
  7. .Kapila purana
  8. .Bhargava purana
  9. .Varuna purana
  10. .Kalika purana
  11. .Samba purana
  12. .Nandi purana
  13. .Surya purana
  14. .Parasara purana
  15. .Vashishtha purana
  16. .Devi-Bhagvata purana
  17. .Ganesha purana
  18. .Hamsa purana


  • The texts of major puranas can be obtained from [1]. The texts can be found by going to the corresponding menu option under Spiritual Library /Puranas.