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Some Pole!

Some Pole! from the April 1916 QST.png

 This photograph illustrates one of the stations which handled the famous relay of February 22nd. Mr. O. M. Heacock of La Grande, Oregon, one of the LEAGUE members sends us the following description:

Total heighth to top of pole is 140 feet; heighth of tower, 110 feet; the mast is eight feet square at the bottom with the wireless room build in.

 Aerial: 135 feet high, three wings of six wires each, 20 feet long, spaced 3½ feet. One wing north, one south, and one nearly vertical. The lead-in consists of six wires connected to place where all wings are joined. A 200 meter aerial is at the side of tower. Radiation is 4.6 amps.

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